The platoon after boot camp. Oh, and the "tank" behind them is a cut-out.

The 86th Platoon was originally a regular unit of the Tech Infantry, organized as one of those formations designed to fight the Bug War. However, because of their accidental discovery of the EFS Nightmare, propelled the members of this unit to become the instigators of the 1st Civil War. Most of the members of this unit went on to be the pivotal characters who shaped the history of the Earth Federation. Their members included:

Lieutenant Lwan Eddington, who went on to be Marshal of the Federation before the 2nd Civil War.

Sergeant Arthur Clarke, who later became the last Chairman of the Earth Federation.

Sergeant Marko Vitek, who became leader of the Resistance.

Private Ben Richards, died on a mission to New Madrid.

Private Adam Selene, also died on a mission to New Madrid.

Corporal Fialla Spencer, later Colonel, who died battling the Caal on the EFS Madrid.

Corporal Richard Fox, later Colonel, head of Internal Security and member of the 2nd Triumvirate. He was assassinated in 2223 by a hovercar bombing on Avalon.

Corporal Maeve Harrington, later CEO of Harrington Industries, instigator of the 2nd Civil War.

Behind the Scenes

"Eighty-Six" is a slang term for killing something. This was the PC's unit in Seasons 1 & 2.

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