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A.C. (Andrew Campbell) Eddington is the son of Lwan Eddington and Maeve Harrington. He is a mage who suffers from psychic vampirism. Along with the other children of the former 86th Platoon, he was drafted into the Tech Infantry at the age of 15 right before the 2nd Civil War. It was his parents' connections that eventually led him straight towards the Orb and altering his life in more ways than one.

Because of the Orb's removal from the universe while the kids were all on the EFS Madrid, their memories are split. Maeve is his mother in this timeline, but he also believes that Brigette Campbell, the woman Lwan was accused of having an affair with, was his mother in another timeline.

He served in the Liberation the 2nd Civil War and was eventually captured, serving 10 years on the Pluto penal facility. He then emigrated out to the Frontier Worlds Territory, where he owned a bar, and became involved with the Colonial Marines until their dissolution after the 3rd Civil War. Eddington was last known to be on Charbydis.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Marcus made the mistake of playing his previous character's son in Season 3. This led to the rest of the characters also being their character's kids, which caused us really to play our original characters, rather than the new ones. The alternate timelines problem comes from the Ring of Fire episodes, where Nathan tried to destroy Penny's plot, and then she proceeded to put it back.

A.C. is named after the Scottish Clan Campbell, and because of Marcus' like of acronym names. Any resemblance to Ace Rimmer is...really easy to swallow as pure coincidence, actually. His Actor Avatar is Andy Serkis, because Marcus needed someone with a hint of Maori Ancestry due Lwan Eddington being his father, and apparently mistook Serkis for being a Kiwi due to his frequent association with Peter Jackson films.

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