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The Skyranger is a medium-sized Assault Pinnace capable of both atmospheric flight and single-stage-to-orbit launches.  It is also capable of vertical takeoffs and landings, can carry up to 25 fully armored Tech Infantry or Light Infantry troopers in power armor, and has two 15mm Gauss Cannons and four missile hard points for ground-support ordinance or drop tanks.  It's far too slow and ungainly in space flight for use as a starfighter, but that's not its job.  The Skyranger is used to land a platoon of Marines on a planet's surface or to board hostile starships.  It can also be used as a supply shuttle, although its pure cargo capacity is small (only 50 metric tons).  Its hydrogen-fueled composite turbofan/ramjet/rocket engines give it good performance in both atmosphere and low orbit.  It is manufactured on Minos by XTRON Laboratories

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

The Skyranger was designed by Martin Hohner.  It is named for, and its design is heavily inspired by, the vehicle of the same name from the game X-COM: UFO Defense.

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