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The Master of Improvised Administration.

Aaron Roquefort was a Lieutenant Commander in the Terran Navy, who served as Chief of Staff to Assistant Secretary of the Navy Scyr.

Early Life and Resistance MemberEdit

Aaron was born on Elysia in 2238, the only son of a wealthy heiress. Although he grew up under the Five Acts, Aaron was already beginning to drift towards the Resistance, along with many of his friends, by the time he entered college. Though for many years he did little more than complain about Chairman Clarke's repressive policies. But at 21, Aaron dropped out of school to take up arms against the Federation as a full-fledged resistance fighter.

In 2263, Aaron's mother and most of his friends were killed by the Raptors during a raid to eliminate his Resistance cell. Aaron himself managed to escape and arranged the evacuation of a few survivors to other systems. He swore revenge against Clarke and the Federation, and worked diligently to expand the Resistance network from his new post on Eden. His plans were cut short, however, by the Caal invasion and Clarke's death at the hands of Vin Dane.

Terran NavyEdit

Aaron, however, had no interest in swearing allegiance to the former Raptor leader and newly proclaimed Emperor. Instead, he stayed on Eden when the planet and system joined the Terran Republic. Because of his service and experience with spacecraft, Aaron was able to join the Terran Navy as an officer on the recommendation of Captain O'Shaughnessy, the former leader of his Resistance cell on Eden.

Aaron's first command was a gunboat, nominally part of the Terran Navy's starfleet, but in reality in the private service of Governor Windling of Eden. However, in February 2265, Aaron was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and assigned to serve as Chief of Staff to the newly appointed Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Strategic Operations, Scyr.

In his new position, Aaron was instrumental in overseeing a major expansion of the Terran Navy, in the hopes of turning it into a force capable of defending the Republic against the emerging power of the Holy Terran Empire.

After the WarEdit

With Imperial victory in the Ascension War, however, Roquefort was forced to flee into hiding along with many other survivors of the Terran Republic government and military. With a handful of surviving warships, they hid out in uninhabited systems and set themselves up as Pirates, although they prefer to think of themselves as Privateers.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Yes, his surname is like the cheese.

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