"To live without ambition is to die a traitor to one's race."

Abdul Johnson was a werewolf and Chairman of the Grand Council of the Earth Federation from 2232 to 2242. A very charismatic and ambitious man, he was the most decorated hero of the 2nd Civil War and widely popular among the newly enfrancished electorate. He was assassinated, along with the entire Grand Council, during the Battle of Avalon in the 3rd Civil War.

Tech Infantry ServiceEdit

Despite some rather shady dealings in his background, he managed to get promoted to Lieutenant and was commander of his own platoon in the 2nd Civil War. His unit was one of those assigned to Operation Smoke Screen, the conquest of Jennifer's Star. The initial drop went awful for the Tech Infantry, but Johnson personally organized the scattered groups of his legion together and set up a workable beachhead, allowing the second wave of drops to proceed as planned. Abdul then continued to shine by outflanking Liberation defenders at Dynametro and cutting off their route of escape. For this, he was awarded the Grand Council Medal of Honor.

Political CareerEdit

His success was widely touted at a time when popular sentiment was turning against the Federation. As a result, he became a major celebrity, and was decorated several times later for well-publicized minor actions. He became a hero to the Black Muslim religious community and was responsible for raising their organization to a galactic audience. He was approached by what was left of the Technocracy to lead the government in the new free elections. He was elected to the Senate in 2228 as part of the new Liberty Party. Abdul became a leader of his faction and was named to the Grand Council in 2230, eventually becoming Chairman in 2232.

As Chairman, he oversaw the reconstruction of the Federation, after the widespread damage caused by the 2nd Civil War. His continued popularity in his efforts, as well as the support of the Technocracy, allowed him to stay in power. By 2238, he tried to find ways to free himself of the Technocracy's shakles, putting his good friend Rashid King in charge of Internal Security -- generally a post reserved for the Technocracy's allies.

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