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Adam Selene was a Ghoul soldier of the True Brujah sub-clan, and a member of the Black Hand, who was sent to join the Tech Infantry during a period of alliance and cooperation between the Earth Federation and the Camarilla against their common Arachnid enemies.

Basic TrainingEdit

His first day in basic training, he made the mistake of mouthing off to his drill instructor and was forced to carry a large, heavy rock while running a long and difficult obstacle course. He managed to make it, but was forced to carry the rock with him everywhere for the remainder of his basic training. Upon graduation, his entire cadet class signed their names on his rock and he took it with him as a memento on his first deployment. Unfortunately, it was lost when the EFS Rodger Young was shot down over H4 shortly thereafter.

Early deploymentsEdit

Selene was assigned to the 86th Platoon of the Tech Infantry under squad leader Lwan Eddington, alongside Fialla Spencer, Ben Richards, and later Arthur Clarke. Their first major drop was as part of the disastrous first landing on H4, later known as New Madrid. Selene got airsick in the assault shuttle, but unwilling to puke into the helmet of his power armor, he took off his helmet...and instead puked all over his commanding officer. Things only went downhill from there, and soon after landing, the Bugs counterattacked successfully, and the order to retreat was given. During retrieval via transit beacon, most of the platoon fell into a sinkhole when the ground beneath them collapsed into an underground Bug Tunnel. Selene refused to enter the tunnel to resuce them, and instead successfully returned to his ship, the EFS Rodger Young, via transit beacon...only for ground fire from the Bug batteries below to cripple the troop transport and force Selene and the remaining survivors to abandon ship. Selene's escape pod dropped him right back at the sinkhole and he belatedly assisted in the rescue of the rest of his platoon. Selene thus managed to get reprimanded for cowardice and cited for bravery in the same mission.

Back on Earth for more training, Selene and the 86th platoon made an unauthorized excursion into the Eastern Bloc. They were on leave at the time, and were seeking to assist one of their own members, David Oxander, repay a debt or rescue a friend or something. Whatever the excuse was, it was a flimsy one, and not the truth, as the platoon would learn at the end of the mission. Regardless, they snuck into what was once Vietnam and into a complex of underground tunnels. During their exploits in the tunnels, Selene was bitten by a venomous snake left there as part of an elaborate trap, and only the Life Magic of Lwan Eddington saved Selene from death. Escaping the tunnels, Selene and Oxander nearly came to blows over Oxander's betrayal of the platoon by tricking the rest of them into joining him on what turned out to be an illegal and possibly treasonous mission, but Eddington and Ben Richards held Selene back. Exactly what Oxander was up to was never discovered, as he was killed soon afterwards during a routine customs-inspection mission on board a freighter in the Proxima Centauri System that turned out to be full of Vampire smugglers.

Later DeploymentsEdit

Selene and the 86th platoon were later sent on a special mission to infiltrate a Bug hive on H6 and attempt to capture a Queen. They successfully snuck into the lower levels of the hive by using the adaptive camouflage features of their nanotech power armor to impersonate Bug Drones. However, upon reaching the Queen's egg-laying chamber, during a battle with the Queen and two Guardian Bugs, Selene accidentally shot the Queen in the nerve stem and killed her, rendering it impossible to capture her alive. The platoon then successfully managed to extract themselves from the hive and return to base. Selene thus became the only trooper ever reprimanded for killing a Bug Queen.

During the second assault on H4, the 86th platoon was ambushed in a Bug Tunnel and trapped in combat with several high-level Warrior Bugs. Heavily wounded, Ben Richards became so enraged that he lost control and involuntarily tore himself out of his power armor to engage the bugs in claw-to-claw combat. Adam Selene, himself gravely wounded, was so desperate to save his friend that he lost control to the Vampire Beast within and unwisely began hurling plasma grenades around with wild abandon. Although the barrage of grenades took out the Warrior Bugs pinning the platoon down, one of the grenades exploded too close to trooper Richards and killed him. However, with the Warrior Bugs dead, the rest of the platoon was able to calm down Selene and get him safely back to his ship where his wounds could be tended to. Richards would be replaced in the 86th platoon by Arthur Clarke.

Final Mission and LegacyEdit

On his final Mission, Selene was among those stranded by the crash of the transport ship EFS Aegis Blade on H4. The survivors managed to cobble together enough salvageable parts from their wrecked ship to patch together the also-crashed sister ship EFS Aegis Fang and escape the surface. While limping back to base, the ship came across a seemingly derelict spacecraft, the EFS Nightmare. Boarding the ship, they discovered an unauthorized secret research facility connected with what became known as Project Nightmare. When the guards of the research vessel attacked his fellow platoon mates, Selene heroically sacrificed himself tackling the Sabbat vampire known as Xavier out an airlock, an act which cost Selene his life in the vacuum of space but which enabled the rest of his platoon to escape. In honor of his final sacrifice, an Otto Skorzeny-class medium assault transport was named in his honor as the EFS Adam Selene. The discovery of the EFS Nightmare directly led to the First Civil War, the fall of the First Triumvirate, and much of the history of the next century.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Adam was Martin's Player Character in the first season of the game, and was named for one of the pseudonyms of the sentient supercomputer "Mycroft" HOLMES IV, in the Heinlein novel The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. In the part of his character sheet provided to list the specific stats of his weapons, the only weapon ever listed was "My Rock", a very low-level melee weapon. During his infamous death scene, his final words were "Don't Fuck With Physics", relating to his (in the end forlorn) hope that the vacuum of space would kill the Vampire. It didn't work, but his last words have nevertheless become a meme and been referenced at least once in every TI season thereafter. His Actor Avatar is Bill Paxton, and is tied with Lwan Eddington's as being the first one in the history of the game.

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