No, his was MUCH bigger than this

When Adam Selene and the rest of the original members of the 86th Platoon were in Basic Training, their first day was a memorable one. When the Drill Sergeant asked if any one of the new recruits thought he was tough enough to beat the Instructor in a fair fight, Adam Selene turned to the cadet next to him in formation, the werewolf Ben Richards, and said, "Psst! Wolfboy! I bet you could take him!"

Cadet Richards was smart enough to say nothing, but the instructor heard the sound of the whisper, and cheerfully replied, "Mr. Selene! So you think you can take me?"

Selene replied, in his best good-cadet voice, "No, Sir! But I bet my friend here could!"

However, the Drill Sergeant was not in the mood to allow his cadets to get their fellows in trouble like that, so he ordered Selene to pick up a heavy rock from a nearby flowerbed and carry it while he ran laps around the entire compound. From that day forward, Selene had to carry that rock with him every where they went during Basic Training, including on forced marches, daily runs, and training exercises. Carrying that rock made him stronger, and when he finally graduated from training, every member of his training unit signed their names on the Rock and Selene took it with him on his first assignment. However, it was in his quarters on the Assault Transport EFS Rodger Young when it was shot down during the disastrous first assault on H4, and was thus lost when the ship was destroyed.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

Yes, this was the very first gaming session of first season. From that day forward, Adam's character sheet had only one entry in the weapons section: "My Rock". The storyteller even let him get an extra point of strength added to his stats for free, thanks to carrying that rock around all during basic training.

In a bizarre case of life imitating gaming, a Canadian vet of the Afghan war was given a rock by Army doctors to help him cope with PTSD. 

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