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12) Even though the past history of the Orb has included being wielded by nonhumans that did not immediately result in their downfall and potentially those around them does not mean that that wouldn't have happened eventually. In the case of Xavier Pollos, perhaps the Orb did not perceive him as a threat to life and humanity and knew that eventually someone more worthy would come to possess it. In the case of the real Vin Dane even though he was Horadrim Mage, his actions at least were for the benefit of Mankind, from the defense of the Federation against the Caal and his creation of the Holy Terran Empire. But, who knows what the Orb would have done if he were to continue and reign for a thousand years that would result in the stagnation of mankind's evolution as well as the rest of life that was created by God let alone for the purpose of benefiting another race. It can be very dangerous trying to anticpate the actions of the Orb.

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