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Adelisa Soti was a Tech Infantry soldier and a member of the Raptors. Her final post was as a Captain and the Platoon leader of "Soti's Slammers" also known as Fifth Platoon, A Company, part of the Tenth TI Legion. Her unit was involved in the Relief of Kalintos, the liberation of St. Michael's Star, and the attack on Avalon during the Ascension War.

Early Life[]

Adelisa Soti was born in 2233 on New Paris, of mixed Romanian-Gypsy, French, and Gujarati heritage. Her parents were a shopkeeper and a schoolteacher, but she excelled in school and won a full-ride scholarship to one of the best universities in the Federation. This came with a draft deferrement, because by this time she had Awakened as an Entropy Mage and knew she would have to serve in the Tech Infantry upon graduation. She studied mathematics with a focus on probability and statistics, and also learned several languages. Upon graduation, she was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Tech Infantry.

Military Service[]

She joined the Tech Infantry just in time to catch the tail end of the Vulthra War, and spent the next few years battling Arachnids, including two tours of duty on Fieras VI. She excelled at leadership and tactical planning, and also showed remarkable aptitude in logistics. This made up for the fact that her actual combat skills left something to be desired. She was transferred to the Raptors in 2261 to lead a team investigating suspected rings of organized draft-dodgers, and was stationed on Rios. She remained loyal to the Earth Federation when the Holy Terran Empire was established, and was soon sent to form a new platoon of Special Forces to assist in the Relief Expedition to Kalintos. The platoon is informally named after her as "Soti's Slammers", and among the members of her platoon are squad leaders Argus McCall, Windspeaker Durward, and Titus Vardan. After liberating Kalintos, they were sent to invade St. Michael's Star, but were stranded on the surface when their Earth Fleet support ships were forced to withdraw in the face of a large counter-attack by the Imperial Fleet. After several weeks of hard fighting, she and most of her unit survived to be rescued by Admiral Joseph Smythe and the EFS Poseidon. Following a brief successful mission to capture a Bug Queen on Chalfont, she and several members of her unit were tapped to be part of a covert mission to assassinate Vin Dane and end the Ascension War. However, she and most other members of this attack force were killed during this failed mission, and the Ascension War ended in an Imperial Victory.

Behind the Scenes[]

Her name and bits of her backstory are inspired by Adalbert "Adi" Soti, a (male) mortgage broker that Martin worked with several years ago.