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Aisha Ramirez is a human who was the Chief Minister of the Ministry of Public Safety.  A former Light Infantry veteran, she survived the 3rd Civil War, and became a loyal supporter of Chairman Arthur Clarke.  She was rewarded by becoming a member of the rubberstamp Senate within the Earth Federation.  After the Caal Invasion, she organized the LI planetary commanders to form the Ministry of Public Safety.

Early History[edit | edit source]

Aisha was born on Hadley in March 2220 to a couple of miners on this barely-terraformed world.  Once her first memories was hiding during the 2nd Civil War, while Tech Infantry forces sought out Liberation cells using the settlement of Hope as cover.  This experience impressed upon her the value of law and order.

Although she was well-loved and performed well in school, she grew up poor, and didn't have the funds to pursue college.  Instead, she volunteered for the Light Infantry and left Hadley forever.

Light Infantry Service[edit | edit source]

Selected as a squad commander out of boot camp, her platoon was assigned to general policing duty on Proxima Centauri.  After an initial tour, she applied for and was accepted to Officer Candidate School, and was promoted to lieutenant.  Her first command was on Van Diemen and distinguished herself by personally leading the attack to break up a Fearless Jackals smuggling ring.

Promoted to captain, she chose a difficult command at Wilke's Star in early 2241, one of the precinct commanders patrolling the main city Calaunt.  As she proved her ability to control the vampire-dominated districts (although some suggest through unsavory means), she was rewarded by being given an administrative posting as an adjuntant to the LI commander-in-chief on Avalon.  So she was present when the failed attempted coup started the 3rd Civil War.

3rd Civil War[edit | edit source]

With the demands of the war increasing personnel demand, Aisha was crucial in ensuring that lesser priority positions, formerly held by Tech Infantry units, were covered by the Light Infantry.  This freed up fresh troops for the front.  She was rewarded for her excellence in this role by being promoted to major.  After the Battle of Avalon, she played a key role when Arthur Clarke came to power.  Aisha ensured LI support for the new Chairman - which allowed her to lead a key force to help clear the Christian Federation at San Angeles.

Senator[edit | edit source]

She finished the war and was promoted to lieutenant colonel, the planetary military governor on Wolf after the Resistance were cleared out.  With Clarke's position secured, she saw that the LI were declining in authority, so she traded in on her connection to the new chairman.  With many openings in the Senate (since many senators were killed or imprisoned during the war), she resigned her commission, and was appointed as the senator from Phoenix.

Making her new home on Phoenix, she worked with many senators, becoming the minority whip in what was (unofficially) called the Tiger Party.  Aisha became the voice of Clarke in the legislative body, ensuring swift passage of any reform that the chairman asked for.  It is rumored that she managed to convince Clarke to hold off elections under the Five Acts, replacing senators who died or retired with picked appointees, and turning the Senate into a rubberstamp body.

Chief Minister[edit | edit source]

Senator Ramirez saw the writing on the wall with the Caal attack on Jennifer’s Star.  She fled from Avalon with the Light Infantry commander-in-chief, Kathryn Wagenecht, back to her home on Phoenix.  Once the Caal Invasion was defeated and Clarke killed, Aisha saw an opportunity.  Using her contacts throughout the Light Infantry, she managed to coordinate over a dozen LI planetary commanders to continue the martial law decree.  With the collapse of the Earth Federation, they created a new order, and established a temporary government calling itself the Ministry of Public Safety.

As many of these systems feared the rise of an alien-dominated Holy Terran Empire after the Caal Invasion, they eagerly rallied to Ramirez's standard.  Taking as many former senators and government officials that she could find to create legitimacy, she based the ministry along Fed lines, with a Cabinet that functioned as a rump legislature.  But her biggest supporters turned out to be the Light Infantry.  After years of being the butt of jokes, the LI are determined not to be second-class to the Earth Fleet and Tech Infantry anymore.  They want a new Federation... with non-magical humans on top for a change.

Season 9[edit | edit source]

Ramirez was assassinated on Midgar by Major William Bishop and Captain Michelle Fisher the night after she signed a Reunification Treaty with the Earth Federation hand-delivered to her by Bishop and Fisher.  Yakuza werewolves were framed by David Marcus and Irene York of the SabbatAndrea Treschi was also involved in the cover up.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

Using the trope of combining names that are from two different cultures, Aisha Ramirez is not named after anyone in particular.  Aisha was the name of the favorite wife of the Prophet in Islam.

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