You'd think they'd have a sword or a thought elevator or something, but no, it's just a tsunami

The Akashic Brotherhood is a group of Mages who hold the Seat of Mind on the Council of Nine Mystic Traditions.


Since the earliest times, there have been great warriors who realized that the true path to martial prowess lay in the perfection of the mind as well as the body. Warrior Monks, Temple Guards, and Sacred Assassins, they have withdrawn from the corrupt outer world to perfect their minds, bodies, and souls through meditation, exercise, and ritual self-denial. Largely purged from Western nations by the takeover of the Catholic Church and its monasteries in the Dark Ages by agents of the Order of Reason, they found shelter in the Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, and Shintoist temples of the mysterious orient. There they perfected the martial arts of hand-to-hand combat, but far more importantly, the arts of mind-to-mind combat. The Akashic Brotherhood mostly consists of Mind Mages, and while they are formidible in combat, that is not their true strength. Their true strenghth comes from their connection to Akasha, the collective soul of humanity, and their ability to draw from it Akashic Knowledge, as well as plant ideas in the collective unconscious. This is not the clumsy, enforced control of consensual reality from outside as practiced by the Technocracy. This is something far subtler and deeper. For all its subtlety, however, these methods take a long time to bear fruit...but the Akashic Brotherhood is patient. Their plans, passed down from Sensei to Sensei for countless generations, are locked deep inside the minds of master Mind Mages, where no one else can get at them. These plans may come to a climax next week, or ten millennia from now. No one outside the Brotherhood knows for sure.

Modern HistoryEdit

Returning from their long exile in the East in the late 20th century, they infiltrated the West alongside the Transcendental Meditationists, Acupuncturists, and practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine and quietly set up shops in suburban strip malls and quiet residential neighborhoods. They also set up thousands of small "Martial Arts Academies" to take advantage of the growing popularity of chop-socky movies from the likes of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. From these, they could watch millions of young boys and girls as they reached the age of Awakening, and shape the minds of these potential magick-users in subtle and devious ways. Their numbers grew, but slowly, and they remained watching and waiting.

Gehenna and BeyondEdit

The coming of Gehenna merely speeded up their timetable. When the Gauntlet was damaged by the massive Paradox Backlash unleashed to stop the Bug invasion of Brazil, Consensual reality changed in an instant. The Technocracy, until then triumphant and clearly in the ascendant, was greatly weakened, and the Akashic Brotherhood and other Traditions attacked to reshape consensual reality even further. The young martial artists and seasoned instructors of the Brotherhood formed many of the foot soldiers of the Traditions in this fight, and a great many were slaughtered by the heavy weapons of the Tech Infantry. Beaten back into hiding along with the rest of the Traditions, many of their members fled into the Eastern Bloc. Others in the Brotherhood stayed behind and embraced the Draft as a way to gather their members back together and continue their training, at the Technocracy's expense. A great many soldiers in the TI were trained in hand-to-hand combat styles by former or current (and thus secret) members of the Brotherhood. This may explain why so many rebellions, coup attempts, and general disturbances arise from the very organization that is supposed to stop such things.

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