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The Alexander class of Earth Fleet Battle Dreadnoughts was designed as fire support vessels for major fleet action or for planetary assault.  Originally the Alexander was planned as a test bed for an interim gravity drive, an evolution of the Spatial Distortion Accelerator used on the Nicodemus and Coral Sea classes.  This interim drive can create jump points into hyperspace or provide a gravity shield, but not maneuver, and it has one new feature: at close range (500,000 kilometers), the ship can use the gravity drive to fire a singularity through enemy starships.  This weapon was later modified slightly to become the Gravitic Ram, and was also used on the Ares-class Star Control Ships.  The massive power requirements of this weapon mean that in order to fit in the multiple large fusion reactors and the massive weapon system itself, this ship does not carry large fighter bays or assault landing systems.  However, in a battle with large warships or planetary battlestations, this ship has few equals in firepower.

Known ShipsEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

This class of ship was designed by Nathan Bax.  Ships of this class are named after famous conquerors in history.

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