Alfred Goldworth

"When in doubt do nout."

Earth Federation Retired Lieutenant General Alfred Goldworth is a time mage and currently lives on Midgar.

General InformationEdit

Goldworth was born in Manchester in 2195 and joined the TI at the age of sixteen. After serving four years in squad and being promoted to Sergeant First Class, he applied and was accepted into the Officer Candidate School. Two years later he graduated as a lieutenant. He advanced within the TI ranks over the next couple decads to Lieutenant Colonel. During this time he acquired a well respected reputation by his superiors and subordinates. Ten years later he finally obtained the rank of Lieutenant General. He retired in 2260 and currently resides in Midgar. Occationally, he will provide consulting services to some of his former TI officers.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The persona for this NPC is based upon a younger version of Alfred Pennyworth from the Batman movies.

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