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The Anarchs are an extremely loose association of vampires who reject the political structure of both the Camarilla and the Sabbat.

The Anarch movement traces its roots to Medieval Spain, where a conspiracy of mid-ranking Brujah vampires began to kill and Diablerize their sires. As younger vampires across Europe began to realize that it was seriously possible to break the control of the older vampires, a revolt spread until much of Europe was aflame. The fighting raged for centuries, and culminated in the destruction of the Lasombra antediluvian, and the disappeance of all other antediluvians into Torpor to await Gehenna. This Anarch Revolt finally ended with the Convention of Thorns, which split the Vampire community into the Camarilla on the one hand, and the Sabbat on the other. Within the Camarilla, the Anarchs remained as an officially tolerated but unsanctioned independent organization, a safety valve to allow rebellious younger Vampires a way to blow off steam for few decades before settling down and resuming their lives as good little Camarilla members, without having to go whole hog and join the Sabbat.

The Anarchs remained a tiny movement for several centuries, before a Second Anarch Revolt broke out in 1944 in California. Anarchs rose up and overthrew the Camarilla Princes of Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, and San Francisco, declaring the establishment of the Anarch Free State. The revolt leaders of course soon fell to sqauabbling amongst themselves over exactly what sort of system to establish now that the Camarilla was gone, but despite degenerating into small fiefdoms of packs and gangs fighting over territory and feeding rights, they managed to fight off an attempted Sabbat takeover in the 1960's, and were successfully resisting an invasion by Kuei-Jin from China in the late 1990's, when Gehenna arrived. The general upheaval of Gehenna saw most independent Vampires forced into the ranks of the Camarilla or the Sabbat for protection from the re-emerged Antediluvians, and the end to the Masquerade forced the vast majority of vampires into hiding in the Shadowlands. With the Shadowlands firmly in the control of the Camarilla and the surviving Antediluvians, the Anarchs and the Sabbat were left to hide as best they could within a human society that now was universally aware of their existence, and determined to hunt them down and eradicate them.

Brujah, Gangrel, and Caitiff vampires continue to make up the vast majority of Anarchs, although members of all clans can be found within their ranks in at least small numbers. Anarchs tend to be loners, or to operate in small packs centered around a charismatic leader or other figure of respect. They generally do not seek to control territory in the way of Camarilla Princes or Sabbat Bishop, but rather to conceal their presence from both mortals and the more organized vampire sects. They have no real organization beyond the very local level, although Anarch packs do often cooperate for mutual defense or protection from prying eyes.