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Andrea Treschi wearing his uniform when he was in the Raptors

Colonel Andrea Treschi is a mind mage who served the Grand Council Loyalists as commander of the Raptors during the 3rd Civil War. He is the son of Samuel Wall, and having his father's savvy, one of the most fearsome political operators during the reign of the Earth Federation. He is also known as the Jackal, the head of a massive crime syndicate called the Fearless Jackals, which operated a massive drug and weapons smuggling scheme through human-controlled space.

3rd Civil War[]

At the outbreak of the war, Treschi had apparently retired after a brief but successful career as a soldier in the Tech Infantry and a member of the Raptors, and gone into business for himself as the captain of a small freighter named the Fearless, working for the Proxima/Durendal Export Company, a subsidiary of Olin Industries. In reality, he was still secretly part of the Raptors, operating undercover as a personal agent of Arthur Clarke, working to supply arms and medical supplies to theFrontier Worlds Territory despite a semi-official embargo imposed by InSec. Unknown to Clarke, however, Treschi was additionally acting as a double agent, also reporting to InSec and Commandant Rashid King on Clarke's semi-illegal aid to the Fronteir Worlds Territory.

Enforcer Incident[]

While passing through the Rios system en route to deliver a cargo of contraband, his ship was stopped and searched by the EFS Schaumburg, an Earth Fleet cruiser under the command of Erich Von Shrakenberg. When a boarding party led by Lt. Malachi Spyder turned up a few anomalies, Captain Von Shrakenberg had the ship impounded and Treschi arrested. At that point, the proceedings were interrupted by an InSec corvette, the ISS Enforcer, under the command of Major Iradne. When Von Shrakenberg refused to immediately turn over the ship to InSec, the corvette opened fire on the freighter. To protect his boarding party still aboard the vessel, Von Shrakenberg opened fire on the Corvette, destroying it with all hands. Before the Fearless could be towed back to impound orbit around Rios, the Jurvain invaded the Rios system via the Ashdown jumpgate. Von Shrakenberg ordered Treschi released from his smuggling charges but re-drafted into the Tech Infantry for the duration of the immediate emergency, mostly to place Treschi under military discipline while an unwilling passenger on board the Schaumburg. He also commandeered the Fearless, and set its autopilot to ram into and destroy the Ashdown jumpgate, which exploded just as the main Jurvain invasion fleet came into the system. This destroyed the invasion fleet and all its troop transports, stranded the Jurvain battle fleet in the Rios system, and by destroying Treschi's ship, made Treschi and Von Shrakenberg permanent enemies of each other. A three-sided space battle ensued, as the Jurvain, Earth Fleet, and a second invasion force from the Tech Infantry Rebels faction all fought over the system. Treschi spent the battle hacking into the Schaumburg's computer to contact his employers to inform them of the loss of his ship, but also to tell them that he'd managed to jettison the cargo into a deep orbit around Rios for later retrieval.

Betrayal at New Sparta[]

When the battle-damaged Schaumburg returned to Avalon for repairs, Treschi's patrons in InSec and the Raptors managed to get his forcible re-enlistment voided, and with all evidence of his smuggling destroyed along with his ship, he was free to go. He used his influence to help Malachi Spyder get a transfer off the Schaumburg, and then went to report to Clarke. Clarke sent him to the Hadrian system, to escort another of his operatives, a werewolf named Danika, to check up on a joint research project the Raptors were running with the Colonial Marines, developing a new class of super-large battle tanks called Mobile Siege Fortresses. Treschi succeeded in sneaking across enemy lines, negotitating with Auntie Sarah herself to trade the orbital coordinates of his jettisoned arms shipment in the now-rebel-held Rios system for safe passage through rebel-held space. Arriving in Hadrian, Treschi found himself pressed into service as a gunner on a light hovertank to fight alongside the massive supertanks in repelling a Bug landing attempt on the moon of New Sparta, where the Project Bolo research lab was situated. But before leaving the moon, he sent a secret message to his other employers at InSec, informing them of the project's location. A fleet of InSec-operated Horadrim warships soon appeared in orbit and bombarded the lab facilities into ruins, destroying the project. Treschi himself murdered his charge Danika, as well as the smuggler captain who had brought them there, and returned to Avalon aboard the InSec warships.

Clarke and King[]

Treschi arrived back in Avalon to find that his erstwhile patron, Arthur Clarke, had been killed by Mark Smith in a fight at The Rage. He attended Clarke's state funeral as part of a procession of current and former members of The Raptors, outwardly crying with the rest of them (thanks to synthetic tears), but inwardly gloating over the death of a hated superior. Afterwards, he called upon Rashid King in his office at InSec HQ to demand compensation for his services in spying upon and thwarting the efforts of Clarke. But no one demands anything of King, and King dismissively shot Treschi and teleported his body into an underground waste disposal facility. Treschi was rescued from near death by his underground associates in the Fearless Jackals, who had tracked him via a mind mage and monitored his condition. They sent him back to Wilke's Star to carry out a mission on their behalf.

The Week On Wilke's Star[]

Treschi had an eventful visit there. He met the leader of the Fearless Jackals, Leonardo the Jackal himself, and asked to be made leader of the Raptors. Leonardo agreed to pull strings to make this happen, but Treschi promptly killed him anyways and took over the Fearless Jackals himself. Then Treschi met with InSec operatives, and requested money, a full readout of all defense-related information relating to the New Paris system, and his former associate Stewart Weaver, all of which he promptly received. He arranged a meeting with Auntie Sarah, and gave her the New Paris defense data, pointing out to her that if the Grand Council knew she had it, they would rush resources to defend that vital system, depleting their defenses elsewhere. Auntie Sarah agreed to act on that information, and requested that Treschi find someone vital to both ending the war, and to putting the pieces of the Federation back together afterwards: Samuel Wall. Wall was widely thought to be either dead or hiding somewhere in the Eastern Bloc, but Treschi agreed to look for him. Auntie Sarah gave Treschi a list of contacts Wall and Treschi may have had in common, to aid him in his search.

Treschi then met up with the local office of the Raptors, somehow still operating on the headquarters system of their enemies in the Civil War. He met up with Sergeant-Major Luther and a werecobra assassin named Veolin, both of whom he'd worked with before. They informed him that the Raptor units monitoring suspected Vampiric activities had recorded a recent conversation on Avalon between Elizabeth, a top member of the Sabbat, and Xavier Pollos, a known InSec operative, in which Elizabeth had hired Pollos to assassinate Treschi. Treschi was furious at this distraction from his plotting, and ordered the Raptors to track down and capture Pollos. This they did with their usual frightening efficiency, and Treschi traveled to Avalon to briefly interrogate Pollos. Deciding Pollos was not all that big of a threat, and that he could nevertheless be useful, he messed with the assassin's head a bit using his Mind Magick, and then had him unceremonously dumped back at his apartment to stew in his own inadequacy.

The Meeting on Minos[]

Treschi went next to Minos, to track down some of those contacts. Realizing that his own mother was on the list, he went to visit her in his family's mansion on Minos, to find she had a package for him, a package left with her by a mysterious man with an eyepatch. In the package was an ornate dagger, and Treschi suddenly realized what he must do. He murdered his own mother, and left her bleeding corpse on the floor of her living room. He then called up an old family friend, the private secretary of the Planetary Governor of Minos, and had her set up a meeting between Treschi, the governor, and the Lt. General George Maxwell, Commandant of what was left of the Tech Infantry after most of them defected during Auntie Sarah's coup. Both of those men were also on the list of Wall's contacts, and they both showed up, to find Treschi's mother's corpse still bleeding quietly in the corner, now also joined by the passed-out body of a drunk Stewart Weaver. Shocked and frightened by the idea of the sort of man who would calmly carry out a meeting with his dead mother in the room, they agreed to join a coup d'etat plot Treschi was hatching, to remove from power Grand Council Chairman Abdul Johnson and recently-appointed Marshal Rashid King, to replace them with military leaders more capable of winning the war. They would strike during the chaos caused by Auntie Sarah's upcoming invasion of Avalon, which she would strike once enough forces were withdrawn from the capital system to reinforce the compromised defenses of New Paris.

Multiple Gambit Pile-up[]

Treschi returned to Avalon to continue preparations for his coup, beginning by taking over the Raptors. The efficient internal investigators among the Raptors had begun to suspect Treschi of being the double agent who had betrayed them to their rivals in InSec, but Treschi deflected their suspicions onto interim Raptor Commandant Tanya Nielsen, who had replaced Clarke as their leader upon his death. Treschi had her murdered by Sergeant-Major Luther in front of her staff, and no one dared question his accusations while he had a pissed-off Werebear holding a warhammer still glistening with the brains of their former leader backing him up. With the Raptors now in his control and Auntie Sarah's invasion fleet on the way, he ordered the coup set in motion, only to find that Rashid King had beaten him to the punch by opening fire on the Grand Council himself. Treschi rushed to the Council Chambers with a platoon of Raptors and shot their way inside, only to find King already dead at the hands of Xavier Pollos, along with most of the Grand Council. Chasing out Herbert Gergenstein and the remains of King's supporters, Treschi had his loyal Raptors execute the last remaining members of the Grand Council and arrest Pollos. Pollos was persuaded to work for the Raptors in exchange for protection from his many enemies in InSec and the Sabbat, and Treschi sent him to track down Gergenstein. Treschi tried to assist General Maxwell in directing the defenses of the Capital against Auntie Sarah's fleet, to keep her from being the one to pick up the pieces after the fall of the Grand Council, but the defense building was bombed with them inside it by a combination of Rebel Dead Boy soldiers and InSec cyborg assassins attacking at once.

Treschi was recued from the rubble of the Defense Building by a team of Black Talons in the service of Victor McManus, Herbert Gergenstein's rival for control of InSec after the death of King. They took him to a secret underground lair where he was met by McManus, a mysterious woman named Juliette, and Samuel Wall, who had in turn been looking for Treschi. They were then joined by Arthur Clarke, who was not dead after all: it was his son Jon Clarke who had been killed by Mark Smith, not Arthur himself. Clarke was promptl accused of abandoning the Raptors and challenged for the right to lead by Sergeant-Major Luther, who had arrived to rescue Treschi. Clarke defeated Luther in the ensuing duel, and the Raptors who had arrived with Luther promptly resumed their loyalty to Clarke, not Treschi. Clarke had arrived carrying the severed head of George Maxwell, and with his most powerful allies gone, Treschi was forced to work with Clarke and Wall, who took over control of Treschi's rapidly-unraveling coup plot and welded it to their own. Wall contacted Admiral Danielle Twedt, the commander of the Rebel Fleet still fighting for control of the Orbitals over Avalon, and blackmailed her into withdrawing her fleet. Then he contacted Commodore Joseph Smythe, a carrier squadron commander of the Loyalist fleet fighting hers, and ordered him to finish off the fleeing rebel forces. Working with Erich Von Shrakenberg, Smythe successfully crushed the Rebels, stranding the small rebel ground force on Avalon with no hope of rescue or reinforcement.

However, Wall and Treschi were soon double-crossed by Clarke and Earth Fleet commander Grand Fleet Admiral Kristen Vorheis, who sent Von Shrakenberg to personally kill Wall in his own mansion. Vorheis kidnapped the entire Senate and sequestered them aboard Von Shrakenberg's flagship Star Control Ship, out of the reach of Wall and his manipulations, and had them name Clarke as the new Grand Council Chairman. Attempting to counter this coup, Treschi tried to put together a counter-coup using both the stranded Rebel forces and the Loyalist troops fighting them on the continent of New Africa, but their advance on the capital city was cut short by a devastating orbital bombardment from Von Shrakenberg and Vorheis' home fleet. Realizing they had been outmaneuvered, Treschi and co-conspirator Victor McManus contacted Herbert Gergenstein, the leader of the few survivors of Rashid King's failed coup, and together fled to Wilke's Star, to join up with the Tech Infantry Rebels faction, which was now led by Russell Fargus following the death of Sarah Dunmeyer in yet another counter-coup.

(to be continued)

Thanks to his efforts in sneaking out InSec operatives after the death of Rashid King, he managed to absorb the vast databases (as well as the function) of Internal Security into the Raptor organization. Later, he turned against his benefactors, and worked to isolate the Grand Council Loyalists by allying the Tech Infantry Rebels with the Christian Federation. This ultimately failed when the K'Nes Tor invaded the system and destroyed their remaining fleet. He then fled to the Eastern Bloc to try and rebuild his network.

Vin Shriak and Caal Invasions[]

When the Vin Shriak destroyed the Eastern Bloc, Treschi was forced to flee again, returning to the Earth Federation in secret and allying himself with the remnants of The Resistance, who had recently been crushed nearly out of existence by Arthur Clarke, and who were desperate for some new ally to help them return to effectiveness. Treschi built their network back up, and when the Caal Invasion collapsed the Federation, he was ready to strike. Treschi was instrumental in orchestrating the rise of the Terran Republic from behind the scenes, and a key ally of Kazimir Vitek. When Scyr killed Vitek, Treschi was the only person to figure out what had really happened, and he presented Scyr with a choice: work for Treschi to help build up the Terran Navy, or die. Once Scyr had shown himself better at organizing a navy than leading it in open battle, Treschi tried to force Scyr off the front lines and into a desk job, but Scyr refused and escaped, defecting to the Holy Terran Empire.

Season Eight Alternate Timeline[]

After he left the Federation, he went to the Eastern Bloc. Together with Vin Dane and Emperor Chiang, he managed to overthrow the Earth Federation, defeat their competitors, and form the Middle Kingdom. In their later ruling triumvirate, Treschi was the Right Minister in charge of the Imperial Senate and legislative power.

Behind the Scenes[]

Vitek Medal Winner

Andrea Treschi was based on the title character in The Jackal, the 1997 film with Bruce Willis as the unflappable assassin. The creator of this character was Chris Yarwood. He found the name Andrea Treschi in a book written by Ann Rice called "A Cry to Heavan." There are subtle similarities between the character in the book and in this game, but beyond that the only thing in common between the two characters is the name. As an NPC, he won the Vitek Medal for Season Eight, Episode Three.