"Rest easy. We'll protect you."

Anshin Heavy Industries, Ltd. (安心重工業株式会社 Anshin Jūkōgyō Kabushiki-kaisha), was a key defense contractor for the Eastern Bloc and continues to play a vital role in the power armor industry.  Founded by Hikaru Yasuyama in 2224, it became the primary producer of power armor for the Eastern Bloc in 2228, eventually achieving and maintaining a monopoly on the Eastern Bloc's power armor market through the 3rd Civil War up until the Vin Shriak Holy War.

The transfer of primary ownership from Hikaru to his philanthropic scientist son Akihiro in 2250 made construction of facilities on New Tokyo feasible for several reasons, despite the fact that the Eastern Bloc and Earth Federation were still not on the best of terms.  For one thing, Akihiro had something of a celebrity status with many residents of New Tokyo.  Perhaps more importantly, the institution of the Five Acts made Anshin's facilities on New Tokyo practically belong to the Earth Federation itself.  This made the move questionable among many investors within the Eastern Bloc, but the annihilation of the Eastern Bloc in 2251 silenced them.

The end of the Eastern Bloc also enabled Anshin to expand greatly, acquiring several entire divisions from longtime rivals Chin Hua Heavy Industries.  Anshin now produces many of their defence-related products, including the Wakizashi and Katana missiles, and replacement parts for the few remaining Shinobi and Daimyo starfighters. 

The later end of the Federation in turn also opened up new opportunities.  With Anshin's ownership becoming House Yasuyama and obtaining a fiefdom over the New Tokyo system, Anshin has become effectively an arm of the state, acting as contractor on many infrastructure projects and the largest employer in the system. 

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