One of the first few generations of vampires, turned either directly by Caine, his childer, or their childer. So called because they were turned to vampires before the Great Flood. Very old, very powerful vampires, including such individuals as Ventrue, Troile, and Arikel who founded the various Clans of the Camarilla and the Sabbat. The only known surviving antediluvians now are Malkav, who is irretrievably insane and locked up in an extra-dimensional prison of his ownmaking. Arikel, founder of clan Toreador, was the last Queen of Enoch, before that planet was destroyed by a Dooms Day Device. Ventrue, the only other Antediluvian to survive Gehenna, was recently killed by Mordred, who diablerized him and became a pseudo-antediluvian himself.

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