Argus McCall after his life-saving cybernetic surgery

Argus McCall was a cyborg sniper in the military of the rump Earth Federation led by Fleet Admiral Joseph Smythe. He fought and died in the Ascension War.

Early LifeEdit

Argus McCall was of mixed Irish-Greek heritage and was born in 2230 on the planet Minos, where his parents worked in the armaments factories there. His father had failed to finish college and thus was shut out of promotion to management, and his mother had never had the chance to go to college, so they tried to make sure their son got an education which would let him get him the heck off of Minos. They made sure there were books around the house, took him to museums and libraries, and tried to make sure he did well in school. All of this of course didn't work out, and young Argus rebelled against his parents as many kids do. Still, although he didn't finish college and instead went into the military, at least some of that reading stuck with him, and he knows a lot more about science and history and even literature and a bit of philosophy, than most of his peers.

Life in the Light InfantryEdit

His childhood was filled with war, meaning there was plenty of work on Minos for his parents, but they were still poor. Only 14 when the 3rd Civil War ended, he joined the Light Infantry at 20 when his lack of enthusiasm for the nitty-gritty of coursework torpedoed his college carrer. He fought through the Vin Shriak and Vulthra wars, rising to become a staff sergeant and squad leader, and was decorated for bravery on more than one occasion.

Shortly after the final defeat of the Vulthra, his unit was sent to support a Tech Infantry offensive on Constantine, a Bug world along the frontier of what had once been the Eastern Bloc. As the awakened troops went down a bug hole to clean out the tunnels below, his unit moved into position to secure their line of supply and retreat at the entrance to the hive. A bug counter-attack from a previously undiscovered secondary hive entrance caught his unit by surprise. Desperately fighting to keep the TI soldiers underground from being cut off and hit from behind, Argus was nearly killed when a Warrior Bug tore off his left arm and chewed off the left half of his face. A fellow trooper killed the bug that was eating him, and the arrival of fresh TI and LI reinforcements beat back the attack, but only quick treatment from an unusually talented field medic named Icarus Hicks saved his life. But Argus had

Argus early in the cyborgization process showing the extent of his injuries

been too poor to have a fully-developed clone on hand for replacement parts, and no compatible donor tissue was available to replace his arm or the missing parts of his face and skull.

Cybernetic EnhancementEdit

Doctor Hicks took a special interest in his case, and used Argus as a test subject for an experimental procedure he'd developed to replace damaged parts of the brain with cybernetic components. His arm was replaced by a mechanical prosthetic which was integrated with the system replacing the missing parts of his brain. His eye and ear were replaced with electronic sensor equivalents. He can link up with wireless networks and control remote sensor drones, as well as plug in a custom sniper railgun directly to his cortical computer and "see" through its telescopic sight, plus fire it electionically with no need to move a muscle or pull a trigger, enabling fantastic accuracy.

Officer Candidate SchoolEdit

During his long convalescence, he applied for a slot at Officer Candidate School and was accepted on the strength of having at least a few college credits and ample field experience, not to mention that classroom instruction was one of the few types of duty he was capable of carrying out in his weakened condition as the cybernetic grafts healed. Graduating from OCS with a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant on the eve of the Caal Invasion, he was sent to Rios for field training as a sniper, to take advantage of the unique gifts his cybernetic enhancements provided. His unit was too far from the front to be recalled for the defense of Avalon, and the civil disruptions caused by the general panic in the face of the Caal threat kept the LI busy putting down riots and enforcing curfews. His sniping skills got their first trial by fire not picking off Bugs or other aliens, but shooting angry-mob ringleaders and doomsday-cult street preachers calling for the overthrow of Clarke's government. When Rios declared continuing loyalty to the Earth Federation instead of the new Holy Terran Empire, McCall of course went along with it.

Raptors and KalintosEdit

In January 2265, McCall was asked by an officer from Fleet Intelligence to accept a transfer into the Tech Infantry and the Raptors, ostensibly as a replacement for Wereraven Snipers being sent to the front for the invasion of Minos, but really in order to act as a spy within their ranks and monitor the loyalty of those charged with monitoring the loyalty of everyone else. However, almost immediately afterwards, he was instead sent to join a unit of Special Forces, many of them also drawn from the Raptors, being formed to take part in the Liberation of Kalintos. In that battle, as a squad leader in Soti's Slammers, he was instrumental not only in the capture of the INS Alistar Dimiye, which allowed the Earth Fleet task force to approach the planet unmolested in order to land the invasion force, but also in the attack on a field headquarters unit that killed Lord General Nicolai Malakov and directly led to the rapid surrender of the remaining Imperial Army forces trapped on the planet. At the victory party for his unit after the successful conclusion of the Kalintos campaign, Argus was badly wounded in a bombing attack orchestrated by insurgents loyal to the Holy Terran Empire.

St. Michael's Star and ChalfontEdit

He recovered in time to take part in the invasion of St. Michael's Star, but was wounded again during the initial landing when his Drop Pod was damaged by ground fire. He spent most of the campaign guarding the headquarters unit of the Federation forces, but saw heavy fighting during the battle of Port Prosperity. As the Federation forces who had been trapped on the planet by the withdrawal of their Earth Fleet escorts were forced into a smaller and smaller pocket around the capital city, ground forces commander General Nasrudin Carson began to despair of rescue and tried to order a general surrender. Argus and fellow soldier Bernard Dent threatened and then killed General Carson to prevent such a surrender, and moments later word reached the HQ that the EFS Poseidon had entered the system to rescue them at last. After being evacuated from the surface, Argus and the rest of Soti's Slammers were sent to Chalfont to capture a Bug Queen as part of the efforts to study recent changes in Bug strategy and behavior. Argus personally captured the Bug Queen by tagging it with a beacon that enabled it to be teleported into a chamber full of knockout gas.

Avalon and DeathEdit

Argus' final mission was the unsuccessful attempt to assassinate Vin Dane and bring an end to the Ascension War. Covertly inserted onto Avalon via the INS Alistar Dimiye which he had helped capture months earlier, he and a mixed team of Raptors and Sabbat members made contact with the local Sabbat underground and launched an attack on Vin Dane during a live speech. Forcing their way into Vin Dane's underground communications bunker, they made it all the way to the Emperor's compartment before being thwarted in their mission by the intervention of Scyr's own assassination plot. Examining the apparently dead body of Vin Dane, Argus McCall was the very first Star Soul sucked out by Scyr to maintain his control over the rebellious Orb and Vin Dane's hijacked Soul Web.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Argus McCall was the Season Nine player character of Martin Hohner. His first name comes from both his Greek Heritage, and also the common stereotype of the Sniper as the "eye in the sky" for climbing to the top of church steeples and such to get a "God's Eye View" of the battlefield. His last name is an homage to Chief Scout Sergeant Oan Mkoll, a character in the Gaunt's Ghosts series of Warhammer 40,000 tie-in novels by Dan Abnett, as well as to humorist and illustrator Bruce McCall, whose work in the field of Retro-Futurism really has to be seen to be believed. His Actor Avatar is Brent Spiner, mostly because that one pic of Data from Star Trek: First Contact was so utterly perfect for showing the half-artificial face of Argus McCall, but also because we wanted to get away from the cliche of using muscle-men to portray cyborg characters.

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