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The Ark Royal-class Scout Carriers are the smallest dedicated fighter carriers in the Earth Fleet.  They are designed for scouting operations, convoy escort, and providing fighter cover for small task forces.  It carries the equivalent armament of a Long Beach-class heavy cruiser, and eight fighter sqaudrons (a total of 96 starfighters).  It's equipped with a first-generation gravity drive that can generate jump points for hyperspace travel independent of jump gates (but cannot generate grav shields), and it must use its standard ion drive for normal-space maneuvering.

Known Ships[edit | edit source]

  • EFS Ark Royal CVS-15
  • EFS Illustrious CVS-16
  • EFS Invincible CVS-17
  • EFS Indefatigable CVS-18
  • EFS Argus CVS-19
  • EFS Ocean CVS-21
  • EFS Trident CVS-22
  • EFS Novorossissyk CVS-23
  • EFS Baku CVS-24
  • EFS Vikrant CVS-25
  • EFS Viraat CVS-26
  • EFS Moskva CVS-27
  • EFS Kiev CVS-28
  • EFS Kuznetsov CVS-29
  • EFS Ulyanovsk CVS-30

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

This class was designed by Martin Hohner, and named for non-American aircraft carriers of the 20th Century, mostly British.

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