This was NOT the war of Good vs Evil, despite what the Cult will tell you.

The Ascension War is the name given to the conflict that erupted after the Caal Invasion and the assumption of the Federation central bureaucracy into the Holy Terran Empire. Although Vin Dane claimed the right to succeed Arthur Clarke, his authority was challenged by several factions, including the remnant Federation forces, the Terran Republic, and the Ministry of Public Safety.


Because Vin Dane refused to take the mantle of Chairman of the Grand Council, possibly because of his inner hatred of the old regime, he was elevated by millions of his followers who believed that he was the new messiah. In order to ensure stability, he abolished the Federation, and allowed himself to be declared Holy Terran Emperor.

The elimination of an established government was not taken lightly by those who had benefitted from its existence. The biggest adversary of the Empire was Admiral Joseph Smythe, who had the largest remnant of the Earth Fleet, since he did not participate in repelling the Caal Invasion. He created a new Grand Council and declared himself the new Chairman of the Federation. Aisha Ramirez, a human senator and former LI vet, created the Ministry of Public Safety as a way to keep law and order, and ensure political freedom for non-awakened humans.

Other factions reveled in their long-hoped destruction of the Fed. The Terran Republic was created out of the Resistance and remnant Eastern Bloc forces, hoping for a true democratic state. They were led by Kazimir Vitek, although with Andrea Treschi pulling the strings from the shadows. Also the Jurvain and K'Nes, having been under human occupation, immediately threw out their Fed overlords.

Early StagesEdit

Smythe's Federation had the upper hand initially, with its superior numbers in trained ships and personnel. The Fed seized Minos, and then drove to the galactic south, eliminating the Empire's supporting systems closer to the Jurvain frontier. The Republic had initial success seizing Wolf and the galactic northwest. The Ministry agreed to be merged into the rump Federation, to better jointly oppose the Empire, and the Empire's days looked numbered.

Turning PointsEdit

Unfortunately, the subsequent assassination of Aisha Ramirez caused many of the former Ministry worlds to doubt the good faith of the Federation in the new merger.  In a phenomenon known as the Red Spring, protests, then riots, and ultimately rebellions broke out throughout the Federation, forcing the Earth Fleet to spread out their forces, decreasing their initial advantage. Jurvain and Bugs invaded human space, causing panic throughout the frontier. With the Fed distracted, the Imperial Fleet focused on the Republic, pushing its small fleet back.

Once Smythe calmed the former Ministry worlds by promising a plebecite, he sent his massive fleet to crush the alien invaders, finally stabilizing the frontier, but weakening the Federation's resources. The pyrrhic Battle of St. Michael's Star proved that the Tech Infantry had simply run out of manpower and resources.

Battle of the Round TableEdit

After St. Michael's Star, Smythe realized that he couldn't expect to hold off the Empire forever. He banked a lot of his resources into a massive assassination attempt against the Emperor, with the assistance of the Sabbat, and a Tech Infantry hit squad. After a failed attempt had been made by Scyr a week earlier, the Emperor had been moved to a bunker complex under the New Chicago spaceport, better known as the Round Table. When the Fed/Sabbat alliance discovered it, they attacked with everything they had, and almost succeeded in defeating the Emperor.  In fact, Vin Dane had indeed been killed, but he was almost immediately replaced by Scyr, who turned out to be a Caal.  Using Vin Dane's stolen Soul Web to shapeshift his new host body into that of the dead emperor, Scyr eliminated the remaining witnesses among the Sabbat/Fed hit squad, and took the place of the Emperor.  As far as anyone else knew, however, the assassination attempt had failed, managing to kill Empress Miranda but leaving the God-Emperor of Mankind miraculously still alive and more securely upon his throne than ever. 

Final StagesEdit

The Imperial Fleet finally destroyed the Republic's Navy at the Battle of Jennifer's Star, eliminating the Terran Republic as a serious threat, but the Federation remained to be dealt with. However, the sudden death of Chairman Smythe by his mother's hands left the weakened Fed unstable. Moving quickly, Herbert Gergenstein made a deal with the Emperor, dismantled their armed forces, and convinced many of their member worlds to join the Empire.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Ascension War (although it was only called that later) is the backdrop agsint which the player characters' stories are told in Season 9. The name refers to "Vin Dane's" ascension to unquestioned god-hood.

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