Ashdown is a human system in the southeast region near the frontier with the Jurvain.


One of the smaller mining settlements


Although the population of Ashdown is only a few million people, there are extensive automated mining facilities scatted over the three main continents of this world, with a large concentration on the equatorial continent of Williamsia.  The planetary capitol is New Bisbee, also the largest city with a population of 1.5 million.  Their Impball team is the Ashdown Werecats.

The process of terraforming this planet is not yet complete, and there is still a high enough concentration of Hydrogen Sulfide in the atmospehre to lend the entire planet the distinctive smell of rotten eggs.  Atmosphere Condensers should have this problem rectified in another few decades.


Ashdown was originally settled as a military outpost to keep an eye on Jurvain frontier, after a minor Bug infestation was declared eradicated in 2190.  It fell to the Jurvain in early 2243 during the Third Civil War, and was not retaken for four years.  The Jurvain had tried to turn it into a mining colony during their occupation, and this process was completed by the Earth Federation after it was back in human hands.

In the aftermath of the Caal Invasion, Ashdown was one of only a half-dozen systems that initially sided with the rump Federation during the Ascension War.  The ore and metal Ashdown mined and smelted was crucial for the Earth Fleet to repair and maintain their warships.  For this reason, in the early months of the war the Iron District in New Bisbee was targeted by a highly-organized team of saboteurs who disrupted production through bombings and assassinations.  The Raptors finally located and killed the terrorists, then tracked down their leader, Cho Yamazaki, a mage and member of the Yakuza.  Unfortunately, she was killed by Michelle Fisher before she could reveal who hired her or why.  After the saboteurs were caught, Ashdown saw almost no fighting for the remainder of the war.

Ashdown was eventually absorbed peacefully into the Holy Terran Empire after it won the Ascension War, and awarded as a fiefdom to House Ashton.

Behind the ScenesEdit

This planet is named after the Battle of Ashdown, one of King Alfred the Great's victories over the Danes.  However, Marcus didn't know that when he named it; he really just liked the name of one of the randomly generated worlds produced in Empire Deluxe that he played... a lot. Of course, Marcus probably liked the name because of Bruce Campbell's character of Ashley J. "Ash" Williams in the Evil Dead series of movies.

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