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The Avalon class of Dreadnoughts were the newest class of such ships at the time of the Third Civil War, still being in production at the onset of open hostilities.  It mounts a third-generation gravity drive that doubles as a defensive shield and can be used for propulsionin fact, this was one of the first ships to entirely do away with large ion drive engines for realspace maneuvering.

This class is heavily armed, equipped with a main battery of eight powerful Grav Lasers, twenty-four Lance Torpedo launch tubes, and six of the most powerful Chemlasers ever put into a turret mounting.  It also has the fighter capacity of a battle carrier, carrying eighteen squadrons of starfighters (216 fighters total).  Finally, it has a mass driver for orbital bombardment a carries a full battalion of 400 Tech Infantry Marines, along with two dozen assault pinnaces to land them on a planetary surface.

Known Ships[edit | edit source]

  • EFS Avalon DN-21
  • EFS Babylon DN-23
  • EFS Elysia DN-25
  • EFS Deseret DN-27
  • EFS Valkyrie DN-28

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

This ship was designed by Martin Hohner, one of the firsrt such ships he drew, and it sadly shows.

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