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Avalon is one of the most inhabited star systems in the universe.  It served as the capitol of the Earth Federation after the destruction of Earth by a Bug asteroid in 2198.  It is currently the capitol of the Holy Terran Empire.

Early HistoryEdit

In 2082, a small group of Federation colonists established the Avalon Colony, in what was previously known as the Vega system.  Because of its proximity to Earth and its pleasant ecosystems, it quickly became the most populated colony in the Earth Federation.  It was the obvious choice to relocate the Fed's bureaucracy after the destruction of Earth in 2198.

Modern HistoryEdit

Because of its strategic location and being the capitol, it is the most fought over piece of real estate in the Space Age.  It was the focus of the decisive battles of the 1st and 3rd Civil Wars, as well as the final battle of the Caal Invasion.  It was also the natural choice as capitol of the Holy Terran Empire, being the successor state to the Earth Federation.


Avalon is the most urbanized and populous planet in human space, surpassing even Minos.  The largest city is the city of Avalon itself, capitol city of the Federation and now of the Holy Terran Empire.  Avalon City has over a billion inhabitants, and stretches over most of a continent.  Some of its larger suburbs are megacities, such as New Chicago, with over 250 million inhabitants itself.  Others are smaller, such as Maine City and Wehrenberg, with "only" a few hundred thousand.  Avalon has at least one Impball team, the Avalon Aristocrats, but might have others.

Outside the cities, Avalon is mostly farmland to feed the teeming billions in the cities, and the planet boasts some of the richest farmland in the galaxy.  Despite that, Avalon must still import tons of food from New Paris to feed its population.  Avalon took to terraforming very well, and the presence of many powerful mages among the political and social elite living on the world has ensured that enough life magick has been tossed around to turn the planet into a bucolic paradise.  In fact, Avalon is such a perfect environment for living things that some Werecreatures believe that Gaia moved there when Earth was destroyed and abandoned, but most shamans pooh-pooh this idea.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Avalon is, of course, named for the mythical island of Arthurian legend.

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