What else did you expect from a bunch of demon-worshipping vampires?

The Baali are a clan of Vampires, an offshoot of the Salubri who reject their peaceful ways and instead revel in their evil and cruelty. They are a member of the Sabbat.


When Saulot was on his way back to the middle east with the secret of Golconda, he came upon a village of mortal tribesmen whose traditional practices of child sacrifice, cannibalism, and torture of captives shocked even a vampire. Enraged at their evil, Saulot slew them all and dumped their bodies into one of their own sacrifical pits. Repenting of his violence, Saulot sprinkled his own blood over the pit of corpses to bless the mass grave. That was all it took, and three drops of blood found their way into the open mouths of three of the dead tribesmen. Awakening the next day in the throes of extreme blood frenzy, they drained what was left of the blood in the corpses buried with them, and scrambled their way to the surface to resume their lives of cruelty, sadism, and worship of demonic forces. Sworn to hunt down Saulot and enact revenge for his destruction of their tribe, the Baali were thwarted in this desire when Saulot allowed himself to instead be diablerized by the founders of Clan Tremere. Joining the Sabbat, it was apparently the Baali's continued practice of re-enacting their clan's birth by embracing new members and then burying them alive that inspired the Sabbat practice of creating Shovelheads. Nearly wiped out during Gehenna, the few remaining Baali remain enthusiastic members of the Sabbat to this day.

Clan TraitsEdit

The Baali remain committed worshippers of the infernal powers, and happily offer blood sacrifices to Demons, Devils, and even the Wyrm itself. Some of them claim to be trying to pacify the dark forces with these sacrifices and thus protect reality, others claim simply to be seeking their own power by serving the forces of darkness and evil. The distinction matters little to their victims.

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