The Bagheera are wereleopards, weresnowleopards, and werepanthers from Africa and Asia.

Historically, they have been the peacemakers of the Bastet, and have often attempted to settle differences between the Tribes. They are also considered to be wise by many other lycanthrope tribes. They have even been known to settle differences with some of the Garou Tribes including the Silent Striders, the Children of Gaia, and the Black Furies.

The Bagheera have also had closer ties with humans and up until the formation of the TI were known to travel to many places outside of their homelands on Earth.

They also have been known to have a three part temperment. Most of the time they have an even keel, and are calm and receptive towards others. When aroused, they can become tempermental or can become difficult to deal with. However, those that arouse their temper beyond this usually regret it. When the Bagherra become angry they have been known to cause incredible devistation and destruction to everything around them. For this reason, even the Simba will not try to anger them.

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