The Balam are werejaguars from South America.

While not acknowledged as being the leaders of the Bastet like the Khan, the Balam are considered to be the most aggressive.

Of the Bastet, the Balam are perhaps the most willing to use modern weaponry.  This preference was the result of European expansion into South America that started in the 16th century.  The Spanish brought guns, mages, and worst of all -- Garou Tribes.

The Balam were forced to fight a War of Rage in South America against the Silver Fangs, Bone Gnawers, Black Furies, and Uktena.  Facing so many foes, the Balam were almost forced to extinction.  But the Balam that did survive adapted to using guns and other modern weapons of the time and managed to survive.

Another consequence of the War of Rage in South America, was that it forced the werejaguars that were previously independent by nature to work more closely and they developed rules and agreements to help each other in need.  The result of these agreements was a more coordinated attack and counterattack by the Balam.  Eventually, they pushed back the Garou Tribes and ultimately were considered the true kings of the South American jungles up until the formation of the Tech Infantry.

Presently, the Balam are considered to be some of the best troopers the Tech Infantry and the Raptors have to offer. They also have good relations with the other Bastet tribes, especially the Pumonca and Qualmi. Major William Bishop is a member of this tribe, however when in feline form his fur is all black like a panther.

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