Three recent human battlecruiser classes, to scale

A Battlecruiser is larger than a heavy cruiser, but smaller than a dreadnought, and is usually a balanced warship designed to both fight other large warships and carry a fairly large complement of starfighters.  Some can also land substantial numbers of marines, but not as many as most dedicated assault transports.  They are generally deployed as flagships of medium-sized task forces, to protect groups of troop transports, to raid enemy commerce and shipping, or to bolster a battle group centered on dreadnoughts or a star control ship.  They usually carry gravity drives to form their own jump points.

Human Battlecruiser classesEdit

Jurvain Battlecruiser classesEdit

  • Ro'Kor-class

Behind the scenesEdit

Battlecruisers were another innovation of Jackie Fisher at the start of the 20th century.  They were intended to be powerful enough to kill cruisers, but fast enough to run away from true battleships, sacrificing armor for speed and firepower.  Unfortunately, they were almost as expensive as a true battleship, so they were sold to Parliament as capable of supporting battleships in major fleet battles.  At Jutland and elsewhere, this proved disastrous, as their weak armor could not stand up to Battleship firepower, and several battlecruisers were lost with all hands when enemy shells penetrated to their magazines and blew the ships out of the water.  But, they had a cool-sounding name, so sci-fi writers appropriated the term for a medium-to-large space warship, and the name apparently stuck.

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