"I don't have time to bleed." - Bernard Dent (left)

Bernard Dent was a werebear who served in a Special Forces unit of the Raptors for the Earth Federation.

Service HistoryEdit

Bernard Dent was born on Avalon in 2218 and enlisted in the Tech Infantry in 2234. He was assigned to a heavy infantry division and earned the nickname "Big Ben". In 2238, he was promoted to sergeant and transferred to a special forces unit as a heavy weapons specialist. This was when he met Eric Bishop, William Bishop's father. They were involved in many missions together until 2248 when Eric Bishop died on a covert operation that has been classified.

Dent Crinos

"Stick this up your sore ass, Blain!" -Bernard Dent in Crinos Form

Following the death of Eric Bishop, Dent went through a period of severe depression that lasted almost a full year. Once he recovered, he decided to leave the Special Forces unit and applied for OCS. He was accepted and graduated with distinction in 2251. Five years later he was to the transferred to the Raptors. In 2257 he was a captain in charge of a platoon of Raptors fighting on the Bug-held planet of Constantine, when his unit was ambushed inside a Bug Tunnel and very nearly trapped and cut off. He was able to extricate his men from this situation and escape, partly thanks to a Light Infantry unit on the surface holding off a Bug counterattack that threatened to hit them from behind. That unit of LI would have withdrawn from their position if Argus McCall hadn't shot his own commanding officer for cowardice in the face of the enemy and forced his fellow troopers to make a suicidal last stand in order to protect the TI forces down the tunnel. McCall was court-martialed for his action afterwards, but pardoned by Arthur Clarke himself. For Dent's part in this action, he was promoted to Major and assigned command of a Raptors unit responsible for tracking down awakened draft dodgers on Wilke's Star. That same year he recruited William Bishop to join the Raptors, who was resident of that planet at the time.

During the Ascension War, Dent decided to side with the Earth Federation in opposition to the rise of Vin Dane. He served for a time as a Major in a Special Forces unit of the Raptors and was William Bishop's senior officer. After sending Bishop off on a secret mission to deliver a treaty of alliance to Aisha Ramirez of the Ministry of Public Safety, Dent took the remainder of his unit to participate in the liberation of Kalintos and the invasion of St. Michael's Star. In these operations, he served as commander of all Special Forces attached to the 10th Legion. During the later stages of the Battle of Port Prosperity, he killed Major General Nasrudin Carson to prevent him from ordering a surrender. Finally, he took part in the covert operation to assassinate Vin Dane on Avalon, during which he was killed by Vin Dane himself, but not before hitting the Emperor with a special weapon supplied by Heth which interfered with the Horadrim's Soul Web.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Originally, the namsake for this NPC was going to be Richard Dent the Super Bowl XX MVP defensive end for the Bears, who was also among the 2011 class of inductees into the NFL Hall of Fame (Some consider Richard Dent to be in the top 25 best late round draft picks of all time.). However, a sister of one of the other players suggested some German first names for the character and Bernard was chosen because in German it means "Brave Bear." His Actor Avatar is Jesse "The Body" Ventura.

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