When not in uniform, he does like to wear a tux

Sergeant William "Baleful Bill" Balogh is a werepenguin and a soldier in the Tech Infantry. He is currently serving in the Fifth Squad of Soti's Slammers, under the command of Nathan Lopez.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Bill Balogh was born in 2213 on Hrothgar II, the son of a Chemical Engineer and a TI soldier. When he was 15, His family emigrated to the Eastern Bloc after the 2nd Civil War, in hopes of his not having to serve in the TI once he turned 16 a year later. However, because his ancestry included a substantial proportion of Amerindian genes, which are hard to distinguish from Asian genes, his family was declared "Honorary Han" and he was promptly drafted into the Bloc Army.

Bloc Military Career[edit | edit source]

He was trained as an infantryman and then entered Special Forces training, where he showed exceptional aptitude. However, his lack of true Asian ancestry, as well as a lack of official patronage, held his career back and kept him from becoming an officer. During the Third Civil War, his unit was stranded on Babylon and he was forced to surrender to forces loyal to the Tech Infantry Rebels faction. When the war began to go badly for the TI Rebels after the ascension of Arthur Clarke as new Grand Council Chairman, he was offered release from POW status if he'd join the Rebel forces, but he declined, correctly surmising how the war would eventually turn out. His refusal to join the rebels brought him to the attention of the Grand Council Loyalist faction after his POW camp was liberated in 2245, and was was offered the chance to join the Federation's military after the war, rather than return home to the Bloc in shame as a captured soldier. He accepted, and has served in the Federation Military ever since.

Federation Military Career[edit | edit source]

Bill Balogh in Penguinus form

Balogh served with distinction in the Vin Shriak War, helping evacuate refugees from the devastated Eastern Bloc worlds, and against the Bugs and Vulthra. During the Caal Invasion, he was stationed as a Marine on board one of the ships in the fleet of Joseph Smythe's Task Force Poseidon, and thus remained loyal to the Federation when the Holy Terran Empire was declared. Given his background in Special Forces operations, he was tapped to join Soti's Slammers, a special unit made up of Raptors and TI Regulars. He participated in the Capture of the INS Alastar Dimiye and the Liberation of Kalintos, and is currently fighting on St. Michael's Star as part of Fifth Squad under Lt. Nathan Lopez.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

Baleful Bill is named for a stuffed penguin toy owned by the sister of one of the players, although the last name comes from a teacher who once worked with that player's mother. He is also partly an homage to a Ninja Penguin drawing created by the same person whom Nathan Lopez is named for. His Actor Avatar is Graham Greene.

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