Be this strong without looking this ridiculous!

Bio-augmentation, also known as bio-aug or bac-aug, is a medical procedure intended to boost the speed and strength of mages and other humans in order to approach the supernatural speed of Werecreatures and vampires. Colonies of genetically-engineered bacteria are injected into the nervous system, where they produce extra acetylcholine and other neurotransmitters, plus enzymes and hormones such as adrenaline which increase nerve transmission speed and muscle strength. However, side effects include shortened lifespan, early onset of arthritis, and occasional psychosis if the bacteria migrate to the brain. Often done in concert with a drug called FTS, which stands for a complex chemical name but usually is jokingly translated as "Faster Than Shit".

The most extreme example of bio-augmentation was the Human Augmentation Project, which used chemical injections to turn mundane humans into supersoldiers... at the cost of reducing thier lifespan to no more than five years.

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