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This is about Sabbat Bishops.  For information on Cult Bishops, See Cult of the Emperor.  For the character, see William Bishop.

Bishop is a title used in the Sabbat hierarchy, a very rough equivalent to the Camarilla's Primogen, although there are significant differences.  While Primogen represent their Clan, Bishops presides over several Sabbat packs, which may have members from several different Clans.  Furthermore, while Primogen hold domains that they parcel out to Clan members, Bishops do not.  Rather, each Sabbat pack is expected to claim domain and then defend it as best they can.

Bishop are effectively the middle management of the Sabbat; below them are laymen and pack priests; above them are Archbishops and Cardinals.  Bishops serve their regional Archbishop, and are given a domain (or diocese) in a city to control, acting as a local magistrate.  However, only the largest and most densely-populated cities have more than one Bishop.

Other responsibilities of a Bishop include:

  • Advising their Archbishop
  • Initiating, promoting, or demoting Sabbat members of lower rank
  • Leading Sabbat rituals