Bitanium is

One more tanium than titanium, one less than tritanium

a metal alloy with an unusual amorphous atomic structure, which gives it great strength compared to its weight, as well as some interesting electrical and magnetic properties.  Its primary uses are in bullets, blades, and armor plating, although it is also used as a lighter but less sturdy alternative to fullerene mesh in some structural applications. 

Most military-grade armor-piercing or explosive-tipped projectiles for Gauss Guns and other types of Slugthrower are made from Bitanium, even though the low mass density imposes certain handicaps when it comes to efficient kinetic energy transfer.  The lower ammo weight enabling more reloads to be carried is generally seen as a positive trade-off.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

Of course, we rather shamelessly stole the term from Star Trek.  For similar reasons, one can occasionally find references to Tritanium or Transparent Aluminum in our stories, also in homage to Star Trek. 

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