Brie Colby

"Listen copper-top. We don't have time for twenty questions.

Brie Colby is a wererat and her current whereabouts are unknown.

General InformationEdit

Colby is from Calaunt on Wilke's Star. She is a crafty and intelligent wererat that leads a group of wererats known on the streets as the Violet Tail Tribe. Years ago, she recruited a very young werepanther named William Bishop into her tribe. Together they were able to eliminate other wererat tribe rival leaders and consolidate the wererat tribes under Colby's leadership. While doing this the Violet Tail Tribe evaded authorities and Sabbat Packs by hiding in a very complex rabbit warren type network of sewers under the streets. Eventually, her influence was constrained by other more powerful street gangs in Calaunt that included werewolves among other types Werecreatures.

After William Bishop left to join the Raptors in 2257, it is known that she remained in Calaunt for several years and remained a well respected leader in the wererat community. In 2263 it was believed that she had left Wilke's Star for an unknown reason due to a decrease in Violet Tail Tribe influence on the streets. However, it is suspected that she returned to Wilke's Star in 2265 due to a steady increase in wererat activity.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The name Bree Colby was selected while creating the background for William Bishop by two of the players, who got a giggle out of the idea of naming a wererat after two kinds of cheese. Her Actor Avatar is Belinda McClory.

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