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Why? Why did you kill my friends?

The resistance operative only ever known as Brigette was a lovely young brunette living on New Paris and working with a Resistance cell protecting the fugitive Senator Mary Obanye when the rest of her cell was wiped in early 2243 out by a Federation operative known as Hex. Confronting Hex but unable to bring herself to kill him, she made such an impression on the young man that he couldn't bring himself to kill her, either. They agreed to let each other live, for now, on condition that they meet again soon to resolve things one way or another.

Hex was good on his word, tracking her down a few months later, to apologize and reveal that he had fled government service and joined the Resistance himself. Now with even less reason to kill each other, but still not quite friends, they together left New Paris for Babylon to meet up with Hex's new Resistance cell, Brigette's old cell on New Paris still all being dead at Hex's hands. En route, they escaped an ambush by Mosby's Raiders, killing their leader, Carmen Mosby, in the shootout.

New Team, New MissionEdit

After meeting up with Kash and the rest of the Resistance cell that Hex had joined, Hex and Brigette were assigned to a strike team led by Csilla Aurelius, and sent to take out a Christian Federation weapons facility on Arnheim. During the extensive series of training simulations prior to the mission, Brigette's lack of killer instinct proved to be a handicap, and she was assigned the supposedly relatively safe duty of being a guard/spotter for the team's sniper, Miller Loosier. While Hex's deep attraction and affection for Brigette became increasingly clear to everyone else around them, Brigette and Hex remained confused by their feelings for each other and unsure of how to proceed.

Their adolescent hormones became a moot question, however, shortly after arriving on Arnheim. During their suspiciously-easy attack on the weapons facility, Miller Loosier betrayed them to their enemies, and murdered Brigette by snapping her neck with his bare hands. Hex was knocked out and captured, and the rest of the team except for Loosier was killed in the ensuing ambush and firefight.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Brigette was created by Andy Wooden, and her last name and other backstory details were never revealed in the story. Her Actor Avatar was Alyson Hannigan.

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