Brother bob

When the going gets tough, the tough hide in the basement.

Brother Robert Robertson (his parents weren't very imaginative) is a monk and technomagickal specialist at the Cialt Abbey on Cronos.

Tech Infantry ServiceEdit

Despite being a fairly weak mage, Bob was still drafted into the Tech Infantry during the Vin Shriak War, when the Federation needed every available soldier they could get. Given his talent with technology (combined with his poor magickal combat ability), he was assigned to the fairly small TI Engineer Corps who were tasked the with the deployment, maintenance, and repair of technomagickal equipment.

Monastic LifeEdit

Despite being "in the rear with the gear," Bob still saw enough action during the Vin Shriak War to survive it with severe post-traumatic stress disorder. Following the advice of his company chaplain, he entered a sucessful recovery program with the Cialt Brotherhood. Feeling the spiritual call, he eventually joined the Order of Saint Cialt as a noivce. After taking his final vows, he was reassigned to the Cialt chapter on Cronos, as their Abbey was in need of a technomagical engineer.

The Holy Terran Empire's siege of the Cronos Abbey in 2265 came as a shock to Bob. He reacted poorly, and was more than happy to hide out the siege deep in the mountain tunnels behind the Abbey, working with Xinjao O'Reilly on the abbey's technomagical defenses.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Brother Bob was created by player Ed Stasheff, and based on a character of the same name created by his sister Eleanore for her amateur post-apocalyptic TV series, Pandora's Box.

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