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The logo of Clan Brujah...or an upside-down anarchy symbol.

The Brujah are a clan of Vampires, one of the core clans of the Camarilla.


The Brujah trace their ancestry back to Carthage, where Brujah, one of the original thirteen Antediluvians and third-generation Vampires, was once King. The original Brujah were scholars who created the first written language, philosophers and wise men. But one of Brujah's childer, a vampire named Troile, betrayed and murdered Brujah and most of his original clan, and nearly all current Brujah trace their descent to Troile, who dialberlized his own sire to take control of what was left of the original clan. This legacy of diablerie has caused much friction between the Brujah and other clans, but they still were among the core clans of the Camarilla.

Clan Traits[]

The Brujah of today are known for a tendency towards anarchism, disrespect of authority, extreme ego, and immense strength both physical and mental. They tend to be among the most forceful in personality, often able to dominate mere mortals into doing their bidding with a single determined look, and to resent anyone else bing in authority over them. Many believe the only reason they are a part of the Camarilla is to take it over or to try and destroy it from the inside, and there are probably more Brujah antitibu in the Anarchs and even the Sabbat than in the actual Camarilla. The Anarchs in particular attract many Brujah, more than from any other clan. Those few Brujah tracing their ancestry to the founder through vampires other than Troile, known as the True Brujah, tend to hew closer to the original idea of philosopher-kings and scholars, who respect anarchy as a political and philosophical ideal but who wouldn't usually actually dream of joining a riot themselves.

The Brujah tend to get along poorly if at all with Ventrue and Giovanni, and have often clashed with clan Gangrel, the other rebel clan within the Camarilla.

Notable Brujah[]

Adam Selene was a Ghoul whose master was one of the few surviving True Brujah. Mordred is also technically a Brujah as well as Malikait.