Bubasti are Kyphur werecats from North Africa and members of the Bastet Tribes

The Bubasti have a long history and their involvement with humans can be traced back to ancient Egypt. More recently, the tribe suffered major losses during the War of Blood, but events in Egypt prior to that nearly resulted in their extinction.

5000 years ago along the banks of the Nile, the Bubasti were worshiped like gods by the Egyptians. The Bubasti flourished and some larger breeds started to emerge. However, by roughly 3000 BC a vampric order called the Followers Of Set emerged in the same area. Most of the Bubasti were killed or captured. Those that were captured were forced to become Blood Bound to the vampires and became their Servants. Over time, they became ghoulish beasts the size of panthers.

The Kyphur that were not captured or killed went on to become sorcers. They also accumlated tombs filled with lore and knowledge. By the turn of the century, their decendents became scholars capable of arguing anything from quantum physics to theoretical organic chemestry.

Prior to the formatoin of the TI they Kyphur were considered among the most well organized of the Bastet Tribes. At the top of their organization were six elders that would congretate every year in Egypt. They would discuss means to discover forgotten ancient lore about the lost civilizations, magical theories, and secrets about vampires. Now, in the space age, their inquisitive nature has turned towards learning about ancient alien civilizations instead. Whenever, one of the members of the Bestat Tribe has a question about alien intelligence, civilization, or technology most likely they will seek assistance from the Bubasti.

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