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In 2264, the Earth Federation has managed to conquer all of known space, save for the remaining Bug Quarantine Zone.  The Jurvain Commonality was annexed into the Federation, much to the disdain of its inhabitants, but Chairman Arthur Clarke reigned supreme and unquestioned.  Unfortunately, twenty years of war and strict government control of the economy took its toll on the Federation.  When the Caal invaded the Federation by seizing the Ares Battle Group at Chapman's Folly and fighting their way towards the capitol Avalon, they brought the Federation to its knees.  Through the intervention of Vin Dane, the Horadrim came to the aid of humanity and got dragged into the war against their ancient enemy, the Caal.

Caal Invasion

The path of the Caal Invasion, marked in red. (Click for larger image)

As a large force of Caal sought The Orb, they eradicated the populations of the Edo, Khmer, Pyong, and Hadley systems as they passed through, although the Federation made an abortive stand at Jennifer's Star.  After the loss, Arthur Clarke was killed by Vin Dane, who took command of the remaining Federation forces.  The Caal bypassed Wilke's Star and New Paris to attack the capital Avalon directly.  In orbit above Avalon, the Caal's fleet of captured warships transporting their possessed hosts was fought and ultimately destroyed by a joint force of Earth Fleet and Horadrim warships, with assistance from Vin Dane wielding The Orb.  The Caal were finally defeated in the Battle of Avalon, but only at the cost of the near extinction of the remaining Horadrim race and the near-destruction of the Earth Fleet.  Upon victory, the Earth Federation was disbanded and the Holy Terran Empire was formed, with Vin Dane being elevated to Emperor.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Caal Invasion was the setting for the TI novella, "Prayer for the Technocrats," as well as setting up the Y3K campaign.

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