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Calaunt is an independent city on Wilke's Star.

Who RulesEdit

Mayor George Chess has been in office for many years.  He holds little power though and is scared of the Sabbat leaders and the six merchant families.

The six merchant families have aldermen representing the six massive wards in the city.  The aldermen have been in office for decades and are led by Pirithin Dux.

Who Really RulesEdit

The Sabbat.  They are led by Archbishop Calihye Chembryl.  They "advise" the aldermen and mayor.  Advising Calihye is Priscus Sememmon Manshoon.  Serving Calihye are six Bishops.  The six Bishops each have four to six Ductus reporting to them.  The Ductus in turn lead Packs that have six to ten vampires in them.  Within these ranks are additional vampire priests, paladins, and templars.  In times of conflict the number of Sabbat members increases dramatically as large numbres of humans are mass embraced and referred to as shovelheads.  Of course, there are a lot of ghouls as well.

Secret SocietiesEdit

Following the invasion by the Raptors of Wilkes Star in 2236 that drove the vampire occupation on Wilke's Star underground, several werewolf groups arose along with small wererat groups that managed to sneak aboard transports coming to the planet.  However, as the vampires reemerged and regained control of the city most of the werewolves have been completely eradicated by the Sabbat.  The Sabbat have also eliminated many of the wererats, however a lot of them still live in the sewers beneath the city.  The most notable group of wererats is the Violet Tail Tribe led by Bree Colby.  The Violet Tail Tribe is a group of wererats of the Gamine Plauge who live on Wilke's Star.  It is known on the streets that werepanther William Bishop worked with Colby for many years.

There are also numerous street gangs inhabiting the various wards.  Most of the street gangs are normal humans.  However, a few of them have werewolves mixed in their ranks.  The werewolves are reluctant to increase their numbers too much in order to hide their presence from the vampires.  Most of the warfare that takes place between the gangs rarely takes place in the open, because none of them want to bring down the wrath of the greater powers in the city.


Twelve Million

Major Products and ServicesEdit

Calaunt has a major spaceport that brings in resources and products from other systems (before the blockade) and distributes them to the hinterlands.  In addition, the city is known for its tanning industry and the stench created from this trade can be smelled miles beyond the city limits.  On other planets atmospheric renewers would be used to make the air cleaner.  However, the government never built one, because aldermen could not see how that would increase their profit margin.

Important Buildings and Noteworthy FeaturesEdit

The predominant feature in the city is the Merchant Duke Tower which lies at the very center of the city.  The other major buildings in the city are various tanneries and industrial sites.  Attempts by visitors to find any other significant land mark would be in vain.

The city itself is at the edge of a massive canyon on one of the southern continents of Wilke's Star.  The buildings themselves extend right up to the edge of the canyon.  Due to the polluted atmosphere of Wilke's Star, during the day the sun's rays barely penetrate the thick clouds which creates a macabre purplish halo.

Player NotesEdit

This was where William Bishop moved after his father Eric Bishop died.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Calaunt was a city located in the Heartlands on Faurun from the Forgotten Realms D&D campaign setting.

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