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Calihye is a vampire with the rank of Archbishop in the Sabbat.

General Information[]

Calihye Chembryl was born in 2180 in Calaunt on Wilke's Star to a single mother who was a wealthy landowner, and who mysteriously died during childbirth. She was then adopted by Franklin Dux who was a very wealthy and ambitious business leader in the city striving to earn more affluence by becoming an alderman. Calihye became very ambitious herself and after receiving a private education she went on to help her father run his business.

By the time Calihye reached her early twenties, she was clearly one of the most attractive women within the upper circles of influence let alone the city. There were many influential business leaders and government officials who desired to have her hand in marriage both for her good looks and sharing the massive fortune that Calihye would inherit from her father.

However, at the time Dux decided to use Calihye as a means of gaining the support of the Sabbat so that he could achieve his goal. Thus with her consent, he offered her to the Sabbat organization. In 2203, Calihye was embraced by a Bishop within the city.

Calihye was intially brought into the Sabbat as a sister, but with the influence of the Bishop she quickly became a Ductus in charge of a Pack of vampires. With her new authority she saw to it that Dux' rival businesses lost key shipments of raw materials and some of his rivals started to disappear. Eventually, the reigning aldermen of the district was blamed for these setbacks and was removed from office. Franklin Dux took his place.

In 2222, Calihye was still supporting her family's business and helping them gain more power in the city. It was that year that she embraced David Marcus. In 2228 she challenged and defeated her ruling Bishop for incompetence. She diaborized him and took his place. In 2236, her ruling Archbishop was killed in a Raptors raid. When the Sabbat reemerged years later, she assumed the role.

Presently, she still is the reigning Archbishop of the city and her position is strengthened by Prithin Dux and reports to Cardinal Malikait. She is extremly attractive and influential, but she is just as ruthless as she was when she was a sister in a Pack when joined the Sabbat. Yet, the only reason she does not seem out right evil as she has gained power is that she has simply learned to hide it better.

Behind the Scenes[]

The name Calihye appears in two of R. A. Salvatore's books and describes a very attractive half-elf. The last name Chembryl was the last name of a very evil charismatic preist in the Forgotten Realms campaign D&D setting.