The Lord have mercy on your soul, for I surely will not.

Calton Reks was a Werecreatures who served as the Right Sword of the Faithful, the leader of the Righteous Army of the Christian Federation, during the Third Civil War. He had previously served for many years as a soldier in the Tech Infantry, before resigning to become a Baptist minister. He personally led the invasion force that took the Phoenix spacedocks in early 2243, and oversaw the conversion of the captured personnel and their employment in repairing the spacedock for the service of the Righteous Navy. After the sabotage and destruction of the RNS Saint Andrew in June, he personally oversaw the torture and interrogation of Xinjao O'Reilly, chief suspect in the incident. When Xinjao was rescued from custody by a strike team led by Leisa Horton, Reks tracked them down in the spacedock where they and their co-conspirators were boarding the captured frigate EFS McInerny. When the frigate cut its way out of the spacedock with its chemlasers, Reks was sucked out into space and shot by a plasma blast to the chest, fired by Xinjao O'Reilly.

Long assumed to be dead, Reks re-appeared months later, heavily wounded and suffering from decompression sickness, but well enough to resume his duties directing the Righteous Army. 

(to be continued)

Behind the ScenesEdit

Like many in the Christian Federation, he was inspired by Graysonite or Masadan characters in the Honor Harrington stories by David Weber. His Actor Avatar is Nickolaj Coster-Waldau.

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