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[[File:Camarilla2.jpg|thumb|276px|right|They're not your usual party animals.]]
'''The Camarilla''' is an alliance of the six major [[:Category:Vampire Clans|Vampire Clans]] ([[Brujah]], [[Toreador]], [[Ventrue]], [[Malkavian]], [[Nosferatu]], and [[Gangrel]]), all sworn to uphold the [[Masquerade]] and the other [[Camarilla Traditions|Traditions]], enforcing the status quo in the days before [[Gehenna]]. During Gehenna, the [[Black Hand]] faction of the rival [[Sabbat]] defected to join them, and the awakening of most of the [[Antediluvian]]s and the breaking of the Masquerade wide open drove several minor clans into joining the Camarilla for protection.  The [[Ravnos]], [[Giovanni]], [[Assamite]], [[Followers of Set]] (Settite), and [[Salubri]] clans all agreed to join the Camarilla, and following their defeat in the war, also mostly joined them in exile in the [[Umbra|Wraithlands]] and later in the [[Kingdom of Enoch]]. Jointly led for many years by King [[Ventrue]] and Queen [[Arikel]], the death of both remaining Antediluvians and the [[Dooms Day Device|destruction]] of the [[Enoch|Enoch System]] led to the near total breakup of the Camarilla Between the official efforts of the [[Earth Federation|Federation]] to wipe them out with [[Crusader Team]]s on the one hand, and the attacks of the Sabbat and their leader [[Mordred]], the only surviving Antediluvian, on the other hand, the Camarilla seemed finished as an organization.  Most Brujah and surviving members of the minor clans deserted to join the Sabbat.
The six major [[Vampire]] Clans (Brujah, Toreador, Ventrue, Malkavian, Nosferatu, and Gangrel), all sworn to uphold the Masquerade and the status quo in the days before Gehenna. With the awakening of the [[Antediluvian]]s and the chaos and destruction of Gehenna now two centuries behind us, the leaders of most clans are dead. Within the Kingdom of [[Enoch]], the high concentration of Vampires means that clan membership is still somewhat important. Outside Enoch, the clans ofthe Camarilla are all considered part of the [[Black Hand]], an organization of vampires dedicated to serving the surviving Antediluvians (effectively Arikel, since Malkav is too insane to count).
However, with the re-emergence from hiding of [[Ennoia]], the Antediluvian founder of Clan Gangrel, the Camarilla began to put itself together around her...and then she surprised nearly everyone by openly allying with Mordred.  Putting his Sabbat and her Camarilla together, they could have ruled jointly over nearly all [[Vampire]]s.  But then [[Malkav]] returned from his self-imposed exile, and he became the focus of all those Vampires who refused to work with the Sabbat.  Many Brujah and minor clans re-defected back to his Camarilla, seeing the Sabbat under Mordred and Ennoia as simply becoming an even worse bastion of entrenched hierarchical priveliege than even the old Camarilla had been.
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