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The Camelot class of light cruisers were built in the mid-2100's as warships for Earth Fleet in its battle with the Bugs. In those days, technomagickal Reverse-Entropy Heat Sinks were not yet available, so these ships were some of the last built with an aft ring of heat radiators to keep the ship cool in the vacuum of space. Unusually for a cruiser, instead of full Lance Torpedo tubes capable of sustained fire, this class had a large number of box launchers for its torpedoes, trading sustained fire capability for one massive opening salvo in an attempt to overwhelm enemy point defense systems. Also unusually, it carried no starfighter complement, just shuttles. Criticized at the time for thus being underarmed for their size and cost, only six were built.

Although the last of these ships was decommissioned shortly before the Third Civil War, one of them, the EFS Bodium, was saved from the scrapyard and sent to Cronos to be preserved as a museum ship. In 2244, it was refitted with weaponry, renamed the NIS Samarian, and sent into battle with a crew of Jewish mercenaries to fight the Christian Federation as part of Task Force David.

Known Ships

  • EFS Camelot CL-64
  • EFS Bodium CL-65 (Renamed NIS Samarian as part of Task Force David)
  • EFS Windsor CL-66
  • EFS Neuschwanstein CL-67
  • EFS Kerak CL-68
  • EFS Alamut CL-69

Behind the Scenes

This class was designed by Martin Hohner at the request of Ed Stasheff, specifically as a decommissioned older class to be used in the Task Force David plot arc.

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