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Notable Active Figures

There are billions of people of many races and species alive and active throughout the Federation and beyond. Many of them have either come directly into contact with player characters in the past or have simply had an important role during the course of TI season to almost be considered player characters even though they have always been run by the moderator

The active notable figures are all the other folk in the federation that have either been created by players or the moderator that are considered noteworthy enough to have their own special entry in this category. A player or moderator may anticipate a figure becoming an important character in their storyline so she may decide to post a little information about them ahead of time so that the other players will be able to know what they look like and other basic information.

The relative strength of the figure in terms of magical, physical, political etc., tend to be less important in deciding whether they should have an entry here versus how much of a role they play in a players storyline or the overall backstory of the game. All players are encouraged to make submissions if they feel that they know about an figure that everyone else should be aware of.

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