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Active Characters

Sadly, some will always be more active than others

The active player characters are the folks in the universe run by you the players. Some of the other players might be your allies, while others might be your enemies. But most of them will probably never cross paths with yours; it's a big universe out there.

Still, best be careful who you call friend in this universe, and keep track of what your fellow player characters are up to.

This category currently displays the characters for the "Little Pool of Light" miniseries project, as that is the currently-ongoing game.  When that concludes in a month or so, these characters will be either  dead or retired to become NPC's. Season Ten has not yet begun, so those characters have not yet been written, although surviving miniseries characters may return then as NPC's. 

Miniseries Player Characters[]

Thomas de Giovanni

Ascension Kalynn

Viktor Molotok

Sato Ryoko


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