Fera Tribes

Fera Tribes

Many of the Fera, but not all, that are not in the Bastet are scattered throughout the Federation and in the Tech Infantry. While many of them are loners, they do have tendancies to congregate from time to time and will support each other in times of need

As with the Bastet, the rest of the Fera groups now have access to all of the Spirits of the Moon that were previously dependent what phase of the moon they were born during. Additionally, they now have access to some Garou and Bestat spirits and special abilities that were previously inaccessable.

There are twelve different types of Fera werecreatures that are not among the Bastet.

  • Ajaba - Werehyenas
  • Anasi - Werespiders
  • Apis - Wereox
  • Camazotz - Werebats
  • Grondr - Wereboars
  • Gurahl- Werebears
  • Kitsune - Werefoxes
  • Mokole - Werealligators
  • Nagah - Weresnakes
  • Nuwisha - Werecoyotes
  • Ratkin - Wererats
  • Rokea - Weresharks (extinct)

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