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This is a list of characters originally created by players to be Player Characters, the primary viewpoint characters in the plotlines they would write, or the characters they controlled in a tabletop version of the game. However, with the ending of the campaign they were created for, control over these surviving characters passed to the Storyteller, who now controls them as NPC's. They may still interact with any of the current generation of player characters, but they are no longer exclusively under the control and direction of any one player. This category also includes characters who are officially dead, because in a universe with magic and the occasional bit of time travel, let alone entire alternate timelines, even the dead can sometimes still appear in the story once more.

Usually, we have a starting set of player characters, who continue through en entire season. Season 4.3 and Season 8, however, went on long enough that a couple of players dropped out, and others joined to replace them. During the second half of Season 4.3, we also had a small number of extra player characters, of a sort. Several of the players had friends who wanted in on the game, but didn't have the time for full participation. So they were allowed to create a character using the usual character generation rules, then give general direction for what the character would do, without having to write full stories or send detailed orders, and with no penalty if they miss a week. In effect, these were player-created NPC's intended to interact with some other player's story, often as an antagonist of some sort. But because they had someone other than the moderator or the main players partly controlling them, they are listed here as Secondary Player Characters.

Seasons 1 and 2Edit

Arthur Clarke

Lwan Eddington

Ben Richards

Adam Selene

Fialla Spencer

Richard Fox

Maeve Harrington

Season 3Edit

Jon Clarke

A.C. Eddington

Charles Babbage

Stephanie Harrington

(Jennifer's Character)

Season 4.1Edit

Zebulon Carter

Jason Monk

Rico Severns

Season 4.2Edit

David Depaul

Erich Von Shrakenberg

Fabian Cortez

Deirdre Macoure

Patrick Forsythe

Season 4.3Edit

Starting Player CharactersEdit

Alistar Dimiye (Brother Caleb)


Xinjao O'Reilly

Justine Macoure

Malachi Spyder

Andrea Treschi

Erich Von Shrakenberg

Replacement or Additional Player CharactersEdit

Miro Creed

Damien Richter

Mark Smith (Xavier Pollos)

Zechariah McNeilly

Seconday Player CharactersEdit

Jonathon Walters

Joseph Smythe

Season 5,6 and 7Edit

Haythorn Zhant


Darius Longbow

Simon Green

Season 8Edit

Starting Player CharactersEdit

Sharif Adams

Icarus Hicks

Chan Lee

James Welthammer

Cho Yamazaki

Replacement or Additional Player CharactersEdit

Adauchi Kago

David Weathers

Season 9Edit

William Bishop

Izzy D'Argent


Argus McCall


Yasuyama Takamitsu

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