Garou Tribes

The Tribes of the Garou have had a long and rich tradition involving wars with humanity, vampires, and the Fera.

One of the traditions once held in common was how they would be able to communicate with spirits based upon what phase of the moon they were born. However, as their population started to become spread throughout the stars, this tradition began to fade and the spirits of the moon began to deminish.

That changed several decades ago when a Federation Officer named Erich Von Shrakenberg commanded a starship into the core of the moon nearly at the speed of light. The consquence was the destruction of the moon and the devastion of the Earth below.

With the central and one of the most important symbols of all Lycanthropes, not just Garou obliterated the seperate spirits of the moon based upon its phases became one. This new one spirit of Luna made itself available to all werecreatures and the special abilities once dependent on the spirit of the moon phase now became available to all that possessed the level of spiritual and magical essense necessary to use them.

Garou Tribes are comprised of werewolves make up the majority of werecreatures. At one point there were at least sixteen Garou Tribes. That number dwindled down to twelve before the formation of the TI. Many of these Garou Tribes can now be found in the TI and Raptors. Each of these tribes has special abilities and traditions that are unique and abilities in common as a result of the willingness of Spirits to be receptive to werecreatures in general as opposed to having preferences for specific tribes. Additionally, the Garou have found access to some spirits and select special abilities perviously exclusive to Bestat and other Fera Tribes.

The following list provides the Garou Tribes either still active or those that have been lost.

  • Black Furies
  • Bone Gnawers
  • Children of Gaia
  • Fianna
  • Get of Fenris
  • Glass Walkers
  • Red Talons
  • Shadow Lords
  • Silent Striders
  • Silver Fangs
  • Uktena
  • Wendigo
  • Bunyip (Destroyed by the Wyrm)
  • Croatan (Sacrificed themselves to Soul Eaters)
  • White Howlers (Now known as Black Spiral Dancers)
  • Star Gazers (Joined the Beast Courts)

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