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Organizations and Groups

Some would argue that beneath the major governments of the various factions in the Federation is an extra layer of groups and organizations that are the ones that truly determine the fate of humanity. Whether this belief is overblown or a true estimate of their influence is open to debate. However, everyone would agree that these groups are to be taken seriously.

Most of the groups within the Federation are formed by those that share something in common. Whether they be subgroups of supernatural creatures such the Bastat, have a common goal like the Fearless Jackals, or simply are major corporations such as Maax Industries or Harrington Industries that are so large that their leadership struction is similar to a national government.

Whatever the differences between all of these groups, almost all of them share some things in common. Each of them has some sort of way of influencing the course of events in the Federation in their favor, whether it be with cunning, magic, or extreme financial wealth. Perhaps the greatest advantage that many of these organizations share in common is that many of their efforts go unnoticed. Whether or not their efforts are for the benefit of the Federation in addition to their own interests may not be known until it is to late...

Below are the major categories and organizations with in the Federations. Some of them no longer exist while others are still active. Additional organizations can be added to this page until there are enough of them in common to create one of their own subdirectories.

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