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Retired Characters

The Tech Infantry universe has been around a long time and many of the events that have taken place have been either directly or indirectly influenced by the characters run by players. In most cases a player will control a character for at most a few seasons and if they survive they tend to become important figures in the federation run by the moderator.

Along the way many of them have passed away or have died in action. Nevertheless, in the minds of the players that have been involved with this game for a long time, their efforts will long be remembered.

On the other hand, some of the former characters have survived and are still active. In general be wary of them. Many of them are very powerful and not very nice.

For a list of retired characters broken down by season refer to the link below.

Retired Player Characters by Season

List of Retired Player Characters - (major aliases in parentheses)[]

A.C. Eddington

Adam Selene

Adauchi Kago

Alistar Dimiye (Brother Caleb)

Andrea Treschi

Argus McCall

Arthur Clarke

Ben Richards

Chan Lee

Charles Babbage

Cho Yamazaki

Damien Richter

Darius Longbow

David Depaul

David Weathers

Deirdre Macoure

Erich Von Shrakenberg

Fabian Cortez

Fialla Spencer

Haythorn Zhant


Icarus Hicks

Izzy D'Argent

James Welthammer

Jason Monk

Jon Clarke

Justine Macoure

Lwan Eddington

Maeve Harrington

Malachi Spyder

Miro Creed

Patrick Forsythe

Richard Fox

Rico Severns



Sharif Adams

Simon Green

Stephanie Harrington

William Bishop

Xavier Pollos (Mark Smith)

Xinjao O'Reilly

Yasuyama Takamitsu

Zebulon Carter

Zechariah McNeilly

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